Mar 29, 2011

Shoe Organizer

Molly is to shoes as a Labrador is to tennis balls. Allow me to explain. Molly brings you shoes (and other random things, but mostly shoes) and then we return them to the front door where we keep them. Then she brings you another shoe and the process of "fetch" continues until you tire of the game. She never tires of the game. I on the other hand am very tired of this game and I'm tired of finding shoes all over the house.

I have finally come up with a simple solution to this problem. I'm going to buy a shoe organizer that goes over the door of the laundry room. (What you thought I was going to put them away??) Now our shoes will be up off the floor and Molly can't bring them to me anymore. Well at least for a while until she figures out how to get the shoes off of the door.


So now I need some help. Which model do you think will work the best? The one that had pockets for the shoes or the one where the shoes sit on shelves? Keep in mind that I have 3 little kids that will be putting their shoes away themselves.

1 comment:

  1. The bags because I don't think childrens shoes will fit in the other one. Their shoes are so small that they will fall out. It is also easier with pockets too.


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