Mar 28, 2011

Single Married Mom Status

There are many loyal readers who qualify as a single married mom. So what is a single married mom? A mom that is doing it all because her husband is working and not at home. (Think military mom while her husband is deployed)

Today I become a single married mom again. Brett is back on nights again for a few weeks. It will be a little better this time around because he will be home more during the day, but it still sucks. At night when I put the kiddos down, I'm missing my husband and wife time. You know that wonderful time when you get to relax and unwind with your husband without any kids around?

Now I know at least three of my readers that have husbands deployed overseas right now that have no sympathy for me, and they shouldn't. Three weeks isn't that long and I'll survive holding down the front by myself. I have friends that have to do it all the time while their husbands are away on military duty and if they can do it, so can I.

So my question to my readers out there that are single married moms, what do you do at night to keep yourself entertained? And I really don't intend on spending my nights doing housework, so please give me something better than that.


  1. My husband started a new job at the first of the year which requires him to be out of town 22 days of the month. We have 3 kids and I am 8 months pregnant. At night I usually start off with a long hot bath, just relax. Then I blog, or try and write my book. If I really NEED to clean my house then I plug into my iPod and listen to an audio book. It lets my body do the work it knows how to, while my mind is free to be lost in another place.

    I hope those ideas help at all. BEing so pregnant, I don't do a whole lot. lol.

    Newly following from the Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Leetah East

  2. I hope the transition isn't too difficult. I've been lucky because my husband is in college, but when he graduates in the fall and is working full-time again, I will be out of sorts. He had major back surgery when I was 7 months pregnant with the peapod back in 2008 and was put on disability through the VA, unable to work as a mechanic anymore. I can't even imagine how our lives will change once he is working again!!

  3. Hope it goes by fast for you! As far as what to do with your free time, I would craft and enjoy being able to watch whatever I want on tv :)

  4. With Shaun and I working separate shifts, we generally see each other for about 20 minutes per day except on his day(s) off. My evenings are generally spent reading & blogging. I really miss my husband, but I'm pretty sure I've enhanced my vocabulary - that counts for something, right?

    I know it's hard. I'll be thinkin' about ya. ((Hugs))

  5. I like to art journal (tons of youtubes on it- easy to do) because it's great unwind, but doesn't totally turn off my brain and heart. But when I do want to shut all systems down, I watch Parenthood or Modern Family on hulu.

  6. Hang in there momma... I'm a Navy wife, and can honestly say My gremlins turned 3 in November and in the past 4 years (I'm including the pregnancy lol) He's been home 12 months, it's A LOT... and that's NOT all at once... (= I feel your pain momma.. {{Hugs}}

  7. I'm a Single Married Mom -- funny how you post this on my husband's birthday, because now I'm going to talk about him!

    He's a firefighter/paramedic and because he has both certifications he can cover both jobs if there is an absence. Which means a lot of overtime! In a month he is scheduled to work 14 days (24 hour shifts) but because of the overtimes, he can work up to 20 or 22 days. Then...there are the brushfire assignments. We live in southern when brushfire season hits, I know he's going to be gone for a while. He stays up to 15 days on a brushfire.

    Now, I can never complain because those who are military wives...I seriously give you credit!

    When my husband is working...I am on the computer 90% more than when he is home.

    I read more.

    I keep a very messy house! (yes, that's true...unfortunately. My motto is: no one to impress? it stays a mess!)

    I saw your link on The Middle Matters blog hop...and I'm already a follower of your blog. Just came on over to see what you're up to!
    Happy Wednesday!


  8. Here from Follow me Friday. Wow, i've never put a label on myself, but a single married mom is exactly what I am! My husband works 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week and sometimes 7. It can be tough! I've learned to be the brave and independant type that I wasn't as much before. I take the kids hiking, go on road trips, big holiday events, etc. I'll always love my husband to be there with me more than not with me, but i've also learned that I can do anything and everything without him and still get along just fine. Glad to be your new follower!

    Jessie from


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