Mar 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Today was Henderson's St. Patrick's Day Parade. (I know a few days late is a little strange.) We were in the parade with my mothers of multiples group. Two things that made this parade a little rough on the kids. The first was the wind and temperature. On Wednesday it was 82 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Today it was cold, cloudy, and beyond windy. The second was that we were the 85th group to go through the parade. But that's life right?

Here we are waiting impatiently for the parade to start.

Daddy and his sweet Molly

Mark sleeping!

Yes my sweet little Mark fell asleep during the parade. This is the same kid that doesn't sleep in the car no matter the time of day/night or how many hours we are in there. For most of the parade, he was slumped over the side of the stroller like he was looking at the ground. You would think it would have been easier to sit back and sleep.

Even though the weather sucked, it was still fun. And we will always remember our first year in the parade due to said weather. This is Vegas people, the weather here is normally awesome!


  1. I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)

    Jeanette Huston

  2. What precious photos. Your children really are adorable!


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