Mar 13, 2011

Sunday FUNday!

I love Sunday! It's my morning of the weekend to sleep in. Now don't get too excited for me, we go to 9:30 church so my sleepy self is in the shower at 8:30. But those extra minutes in bed are wonderful!! Plus I'm busy getting ready, so Brett is the one herding the kids from the breakfast table to the car. So you can see how my day just starts off better.

After church we have lunch and put the kids down for a nap and then it's Brett and Allison time. We watch TV, do work around the house together, or I get the opportunity to run errands without lugging three kids behind me. It's really the little things in life isn't it?

After naps we try to do something fun or we have plans for dinner with family/friends. Today we headed out for a BBQ at the park. It was gorgeous outside today. Low 70s and just enough clouds and a breeze to make it feel really good.

Here they are heading to the park. Everybody is clean, this will change shortly.

If you live in Las Vegas, you know that there is a park every half mile. We have 4 different parks that we go to on a regular basis. Oh and they are all within 1.5 miles from our house. So we drove around looking for an empty park BBQ area where we could just let the kids run/crawl wild. We found one on our second try and it was perfect. We were far enough away from the playground that it was quiet and there was a huge grass area for the kids to play right by our BBQ pit. Perfect right?

We had a great time and we will be there again soon before it gets too hot. Oddly enough we don't like to have picnics in the park when it's 115 degrees outside. Here are some of my favorite pictures from today's outing.

This is Molly's first time to the park as a walker. She was so excited! (In case you couldn't tell)
"Mooommmm, leave me alone!"
Well at least Daddy is looking and smiling.
Coming home

Notice that Mark was so dirty that he's shirtless? It got pretty bad when we were packing up and he decided to eat some gravel. I don't think you can tell that my kids are caked in dirt by the picture. But getting dirty is half the fun of being a kid right? And why we have a washing machine.

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  1. That picture of Molly is the best! Glad you guys had fun.

  2. I love this city. The weather and park visits this past week have been wonderful! Glad you guys all had fun - I can tell you had fun because of the whole getting dirty thing. ;)

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  4. In my inner mind I am seeing you putting the kids and clothes and all in the washer :) I was at a park the other day and my friends 4 year old son decided to sit in a mud puddle. I was mortified. Then I remember doing so myself as a child and my mom hosing me off outside with the garden hose from top to bottom. Then it was right inside and into the bathtub. My girls have not got that dirty yet. Isabel doesn't like getting dirty and Sofie hasn't been healthy enough to be outside enough to get dirty. I wish my husband was home on the weekend so we could do family outings like this. Some day that will happen.

  5. The backseat photos are so cute! I can't wait until it's warm enough here to go to the park again!!

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  8. fun! I agree sundays are different with kids but still sunday funday!:)Jealous of the warm weather! We live in chicago and it is still cold. My kids are dying to go outside and to the park! new follower from blog hop.

  9. They are so cute!! Looks like they had fun. Just wanted to say thanks for linking up to the blog hop again this week :)

  10. I took mine to an indoor play area for the first time on Friday, she had so much fun I can't wait to take her to the parks. There are not 4 within a mile and a half though! - This is my jealous! face.

    Thanks for linking up with Explore Play and Learn this week.

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  12. Sunday is my sleep in day too. I love Sundays! I found you on the Girls Rock blog hop.


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