Mar 14, 2011

There is Light At the End of the Tunnel

I am very cautious in saying that I can see a glimmer of light in the end of the tunnel. For two years we have been at war with Isabella over her not eating meat. Yes war is the right word and you would understand if you ate dinner with us. Allow me to explain.

For the first 15 months of life Isabella was a great eater. Asparagus? Yummy. Fish tacos? Mmmmm. She ate anything we gave her and it was wonderful. And then the meat battle began. At first chicken went off the menu. It was quickly followed by steak, fish, hamburger, pork, and every other meat/seafood. The only exceptions were hot dogs, chicken nuggets, (but only Tyson chicken nuggets) ham lunch meat, and fish sticks. And it was hell.

Now in the last month or so she started eating pork again in all forms. Finally at least one type of meat that wasn't a battle. And then on Saturday she ate carna asada. She went on and on about how yummy it was. Score again. And tonight my little picky meat eater ate a cheeseburger!! (On a side note, we are going meatless on Wednesday this week.)

FINALLY she is beginning to try meat with an open mind. I feel like we made a major mistake by saying she didn't eat meat in front of her. It seemed to become her thing that she didn't like meat.  What can I say? We were new parents and you forget that a kid that can't talk can understand you just fine.

So what do I feel we did right? We never gave in to her demands for more food. Sorry kid, eat the food on your plate, we don't make separate meals for picky eaters. So for two years she has eaten alot of veggies for dinner. We also never forced her to eat the meat, she just had to try one bite. And normally she spit it back out onto her plate, sigh.

I know this war isn't over, but I've finally won a couple of battle so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm dreading starting this all over again with the twins. But so far they are better eaters than she ever was. Here's hoping they stay that way!


  1. Wow, seems like you are talking about my 4 year old... he is sooo picky... I never allow him anything else, but he would rather starve, and he is FOUR
    BTW- I am following you from the all Week Blog Hop - from would love for you to check out my blog.

  2. I hated meat from the time I was a was a texture thing. My parents stopped fighting me in jr. high and I have been a vegetarian ever since :) there are other ways to get protein!

  3. No one knows about picky eaters more than I do! Acacia will literally refuse to eat for an entire day if she doesn't meet a food she's pleased with. Honestly, I know it doesn't seem like it, but you're lucky it's only meat. Acacia doesn't like vegetables, meat, eggs, or dairy except for yogurt & milk. It makes me crazy. We were told to just try to include at least one food at each meal that we know she'll eat, but besides that, what's for dinner is what's for dinner - just like you said. Thank goodness the child eats fruit. Sheesh.

  4. I've been lucky, my daughter will eat absolutely anything. She has weird tastes, too. Green olives stuffed with bleu cheese? Check. Black coffee? Check. I hope that never changes!

  5. My 2 year old is a picky eater too. he use to eat everything, but now he only eats certain things. We still give him some of everything, but he only eats what he wants to eat. For the most part chicken is the only meat he'll eat atm.

  6. Hi there,
    I was a picky eater as a kid and I still don't eat meat so I can relate to your post.... Maybe, like me, vegetarianism is in her future. Hey, we never know. She is a beautiful child.
    I'm following your blog via the Tuesday Tag Blog Hop.
    Glad to connect with another blogger!

  7. Love the title of your blog! I have twins, so it caught my eye :) Found you on the hop and am following. Dance on over to my place when you get a chance!

  8. Hi I just found your blog, this is so my daughter. She's almost 3 and is such a picky eater, it's so frustrating sometimes. glad you are making some headway with your picky eater!


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