Mar 9, 2011

Twin Messes: Double the Fun, Double the Clean Up!

My little M&Ms get into so much trouble the second I'm not looking. And by trouble I mean they make huge messes. This is the reason that I call them my little trouble makers. On Monday while I was doing the dinner dishes and Brett was getting the kids ready for bed, this is what they managed to get into.

Who knew playing with panty liners could be so much fun? By the way, Molly used one to wipe her nose and then handed it to me with a huge grin. I found it very difficult to be mad at her after that move.

This little adventure took place last Fall while I took Isabella potty. My little M&Ms are like moths to a flame when it comes to the trash can. I could be a very rich woman if someone would give me a nickle for everytime I said "(kid name) no trash!" They eat it too, yuck!

If you're wondering why I don't place the trash cans out of reach, it's because I think they need to learn a lesson about not messing with things. And they are too, as in "it's lots of fun! And boy does Mommy get mad at us! We are so funny." If I got Isabella to stop getting in the trash, I can get them to stop too. It's just a matter of time and a few Clorox wipes to clean up the mess.

Isabella didn't get into things quite as often or as quickly as the M&Ms.  I wonder what it is about twins that make them do naughty things together? Is it like the speeding in a pack theory? (You know if everyone else is speeding I can too since a cop can't pull all of us over.) Or perhaps one starts the "fun" and the other just has to join in. Since I'm not there to see the trouble start, I'll never know. It's a good thing they are such cute little trouble makers.


  1. My kiddo loves getting into the dog and cat kibble. It's been a long road trying to teach her NOT to eat it!!

  2. Sometimes when my twins are getting up to mischeif, I find it really hard to tell them off, two checky cute faces smiling at me all innocent are no match for me!!


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