Mar 2, 2011

Way Back When-esday

I'm linking up with Twinfatuation for way back whens-day. Now this isn't exactly way back when, but it feels like a lifetime ago so does that count?

 This is my favorite NICU picture! Look at those sweet little babies. I just love that Molly is snuggled up to Mark! This is still framed on my wall since I love it so much.
I am 26 (ish) weeks pregnant with the twins in this picture. I really forget how huge I was! And I'm not sure if you can really tell, but man Isabella is bald in this picture. She's had hair for less than a year, but I somehow forget just how bald she was.


  1. such a sweet shot!

    hi, got here from mid week mingle and followed you via gfc...hope you can follow back. many thanks! :)

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  2. Such a sweet picture! I wish my hospital would have let my boys co- bed.

  3. Sweet pictures! I found you on a blog hop and I'm your newest follower, hope you'll visit and return the favor!

  4. Aw so cute! And you look amazing in that picture! I'm a new follower from the Wednesday bloghop. I can't wait to read more of your posts! I would love it if you could follow me as well :)


  5. Awe! Too Sweet!! Love the blog design. Saying hello from winter friends blog hop.

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  7. I love it! That picture of the twins is great!

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  8. That is adorable! I love they put them in the crib together too!

  9. What a fantastic image! (and I think you looked FABULOUS!!!!)

    Thank you so much for linking up with Way Back When-esday! Please do so often!

  10. This is so precious! I have one of my twins like this, only Ethan is kissing Ahrens nose, just to cute! I wish I had looked that good at 26 weeks, I'm sure I was the size of a house! I'm joining you from Type A blog hop


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