Apr 4, 2011

Meet Me On Monday


1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mexican Food. I know I'm probably supposed to pick just one thing, but I can't.

Picture of (Web Exclusive) Round 2 Recipe: Black Bean Enchiladas Recipe

2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?
I post them as I write them, unless I'm going to be out of town and then I schedule them.

3.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

4.  What is your favorite candle scent?
Home Sweet Home

5.  Coffee or tea?
Coffee if it has fancy cream. I don't like black coffee or coffee with plain old cream. And my favorite drink from Starbucks is a caramel frappuccino light. Yummy!!!

Caramel Frappuccino® Blended Coffee


  1. I am with you about Mexican food! Yum.

  2. Home Sweet Home...I love that candle scent too! As for Mexican...it's such a comfort food for me and I love it too. Just had enchiladas for dinner tonight. Yum!

  3. Hey from your newest follower! Would love a follow back lol. I enjoyed reading this post and can't wait to get to know you through your blog. :)

    I love Mexican food too! Its my favorite type of food. We had tacos this last weekend actually. Awesome!! :) And I think its cool you used to be a teacher and are now a SAHM. My mom teaches first grade and I teach art to toddlers and preschoolers. And I was a SAHM my son's first year of life (he's 19 months now). Love the names Mark and Molly for twins too, btw. :)

    Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!



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