Apr 18, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Once again I am linking up with Never Growing Old for Meet Me On Monday. Here are five more random things about yours truly.

1.  Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?

That's a tough one since I like both, but I'd have to choose Caesar Salad.
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2.  Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?

3.  Last thing you spent lots of money on?
A Backhoe. We own an underground construction company and most of our money gets spent there. Don't you wish you could spend your money on something like this???

4.  Window seat or aisle seat?
Window seat. I know there is almost nothing to look at, but I like the option of looking out. I also like the option of closing the window if the light is bothering me.

5.  Do you know your blood type?
Yes I do, after having kiddos in the NICU, I know all our blood types.

My giveaway for the Nothrow bottle holder ends tomorrow night. You can enter here.


  1. My husband sooo wishes that we knew you in real life... he is always talking about renting a backhoe and having at our property!

  2. Would you believe I have never tried a Caesar salad before? Looks like I need to try it at least once :)

  3. Definitely going with you on the Caesar salad and the window seat....and I wont be watching the royal wedding either (sheesh - all the hype, I'm bored already!). I am hopping over from Time 4 Mommy.

  4. I am a new follower via GFC and Facebook. I found you through Follow Me, Chickadee! I hope you can stop by and check out my new blog and follow back.

  5. I agree with you on 1-3 and 5. As far as number 4 goes, we could use your husband's company to get some holes dug for our fence. The jackhammer is taking forever and not making much progress with all the limestone back there.


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