Apr 1, 2011

My Weekly Top 5

This week hasn't been the greatest. It hasn't been the worst, but it really seemed like life needed to turn around for me. And after a really crappy start to my day, I told Isabella we were going back to bed to start over. She thought this was very funny and it totally worked. I started having a better day. It might have something to do with a giggling little munchkin in my bed. So with positive thinking in mind here are my five favorite things about my week.

1. I arranged for a babysitter for tonight's date night. We are going to a local casino where they have happy hour at all their restaurants plus I have a BOGO at two of their restaurants. So it's going to be a happy and cheap night!

2. Isabella has not pooped in the potty in almost 7 weeks. And today even though she is sick, she pooped on the potty! PLEASE let this be the end of waiting until bedtime to poop in her pull up. Please, please, please, please, please!

3. Brett FINALLY got paid today. The GC wrote a two party check that he couldn't get cashed for over 10 days. But that money is now in our account and we can pay ourselves. (It's quite the concept isn't it?)

4. The weather has been wonderful! Last weekend we went on two very long family walks, including one to Starbucks. I love being outside in the fresh air. Plus, I've had the windows opened all week long.

5. I won a giveaway this week. It was very exciting as I enter what feels like a million giveaways and I've only won 1 before this week. I won a gift card from Vibrant Fitwear. I really need new workout shorts since the elastic is shot in my only remaining shorts from my twin pregnancy. OK fine I wore regular shorts too long and yes my twins are 16 months old and I still haven't replaced them. When the kids pull on my shorts they fall right down. I really think it's time for new ones.

So it's good to write down some of the good things that happened to me this week. It's so easy to focus on the bad. I hope you have a great weekend. I'm really looking forward to mine which starts in 3 and a half hours.


  1. I know how you feel. I seriously feel like I enter hundreds of giveaways and I NEVER win! (Okay I lie I've won a couple but I can probably count how many I've won on one hand) But I still do it lol.

    P.S- I have a cute giveaway currently going on and so far there are 0 entries if you want to try and win :)

    My Adventures in Mommyland
    Good Luck!

  2. You are right!! Giggling with my cuddly little girl always brightens my day. No matter what my mood, I only have to look at that sweet face and my heart swells.

    I am so happy you got a date night!! Mine is tomorrow (well, today) as my sister kidnapped the peapod for the weekend. I miss her so much, but I am really looking forward to going out!!

    Good luck with the potty-training! I've been slacking off lately and need to get us back on track, especially since the peapod is so willing.

    Shush up about your weather. ;) My only good news is that we got rain instead of snow. But that's not really good news, either. Mud and cold and dreariness... augh! Where is spring?

    Congrats on your win!!! :)

  3. I love your blog its beautiful. I posted your idea on my blog :) thank you so much.

    Donna Fuson

  4. I love this blog about kids and the giggles...so cute. I am following from the I heart blog hop. Hope you will follow back: childhoodmyths.blogspot.com

  5. Your blog is great and I'm following along now!

  6. Having a date night and saving money is a total win in my book!

    Isn't it amazing how winning a giveaway can turn your day around?! It's definitely frustrating when you keep trying to win that one thing and it just alludes you.


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