Apr 2, 2011

Lollipop Hop

This morning we headed out to the 5th Annual Lollipop Hop. It's a big party/bbq with Nevada Early Intervention. I love attending family events and being outdoors. (Just in case you haven't figured it out by now that I love being outdoors.) The kids had a lot of fun and we saw some of the families from Isabella's playgroup there. Her playgroup ended last November so it had been a while since we saw them.

Of course the kids had a great time eating hot dogs, chips, and cookies. That's always a good time for them. But the biggest hit of the day were the water tables. Now Mark wasn't a huge fan of the grass, so it took him a while to settle in and play.

Look at that unsure face!
I got even wetter later.

Daddy and Bells splishing and splashing!

We had a great time together as you can see. Right up until the moment that Mark decided he really does need to nap at 12. I think I need to look into buying a water table for the backyard now.

And today my idea on how to encourage your husband is on Donna's blog Journey with the King.  Stop by her blog and check it out here.


  1. The twins got a water table for their birthday. Thanks for reminding me that it's about time I set it up! :)

  2. I am so jealous that the weather is that nice!!

  3. Wow it looks so nice and warm there!

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  4. How fun! Water tables are sure to be a pleaser - we don't have one, so my daughter plays in the dog water!

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