Apr 27, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday

I'm linking up with Melissa at The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom for Toddler Talk Thursday. This is a question for all parents of toddlers, how on Earth do you get your kids to bed?

What is your toddler’s bedtime routine?

All three kiddos go straight into the tub right after dinner. They normally have a great bath time with Daddy. They all have pirate bath time names and enjoy the bubbles and splashing. Once or twice a week, mommy fills in for Daddy and enjoys the fun.

After bath it's lotion and pj's time. Then they pick up all the toys with MAJOR parental supervision. For the twins it's pick this toy up and put it here, for Isabella it's a little less involved.

Then we have family Bible time. I read from a chlidren's Bible and ask Isabella questions about the story. Next we take prayer requests from Mommy, Daddy, and Isabella. Now I have to add a side note. Two weeks ago we went to my friend Stephine's party to mark the one year anniversary of her being diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I always request that we pray for her among other things. Since the party, praying for Stephine is always Isabella's request. The first night I cried and I'm tearing up now thinking about it. I know she's mine, but how sweet is that??

After our prayers, we sing a silly little song that I made up and am too embarrassed to type out for everyone. And then it's quiet! Ahhhh, and it's awesome. My kids have yet to fight bedtime and I hope they never do. We have had a bedtime routine for 3 years and very little has changed.


  1. Ooooh, fun! I would love to participate. I know every toddler's bedtime routine is very different. Loved reading yours!

  2. Thanks Jenner! Click on the link and participate!!!

  3. Our bedtime routine has also always included bath which seems to work wonders. Bedtime is rarely a fight, especially for Ace & Dawson. Ky's more of a stinker lately though.

  4. How sweet my mom used to pray and sing to me at bed time. My husband and I are trying to conceive hopefully one day not to far from now we'll have a little one that we can do that with ourselves!
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  7. Pirate bath time sounds like so much fun! I really am curious about your song now too. It sounds like you have some pretty special kids.

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  9. Isn't that silence after they're all in bed lovely! :-D
    I suddenly get a burst of energy after their bedtime and start thinking of all the things I can get done now without interruption!

    Check out my Toddler Talk post this week!

  10. Sweet bedtime rituals. I love that you are teaching your daughter the importance and joy in taking her requests to Jesus. Such good parents...I know God will bless your parenting.


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