Apr 6, 2011

Way Back When-sday!

Disclaimer-This is a shameless plug for my church's Easter event Egg Drop.

Last year we attended the first Egg Drop put on by Grace Point Church where we are covenant partners. It's a huge Easter Egg Hunt that has a helicopter drop eggs for the kiddos to hunt. There are food booths, face painting, live music, raffle prizes and of course candy. This is a free event to the public. If you live in the Las Vegas area you should come down and check it out. You can find more information here

Here are some pictures from last year!

Isabella waving hi to Dean in the helicopter.

Waiting for the eggs to drop

Isabella was so busy waving hi that she only got to pick up this egg half.
 By the time she got out on the field, all the eggs were gone.

Isabella dancing and grooving to the music. Sorry about the video and sound quality.

It's time to go! Fun was had by all.


  1. Thanks for joining GFJC! I'm GFC following

  2. How fun! I hope you have another great Easter egg hunt this year!

  3. We went egghunting at our zoo last year. There is nothing in the eggs and all the eggs get recycled and used again and again. The kids gets 5 pieces of candy when they leave the zoo. It was perfect for us last year and my daughter actually wants to do it again this year so she must have really like it too.


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