Apr 8, 2011

Weekly Top 5

Here are my top 5 weekly events.

1. The lollipop hop. You have to love a free family event where everybody has fun. You can read more about it here

2. Brett unexpectedly got the night off on Tuesday, it was awesome!

3. On Tuesday we walked up to Albertson's to get the two things we needed for dinner and breakfast the next day. It was so nice out and it had to burn lots of calories since Albertson's is half a mile away.

4. I finally got Brett to get my Spring/Easter decorations down from the attic. My house looks so festive and Isabella keeps saying that she can't wait to celebrate Easter when Jesus dying and roseing. Not a typo, just how the kid says rising.

5. Tonight is the best date night EVER!!! I will fill you in next week. Spoiler alert, I will definitely piss you off about what we did. Unless you're a total weirdo!


  1. Enjoy your special date night tonight!!! Can't wait to hear all about your fun evening!

  2. Hello! Newest follower from the Boost My Blog Friday hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


  3. Hey, if you actually LEFT the house for date-night, I am already jealous!


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