Apr 3, 2011

When Does it Get Easier?

Since my twins are only 16 months old, I ask the question to other MOMs. Most MOMs say it doesn't get easier it's just different. For me so far, it gets easier with each new phase. I think I'm still so close to the waking up in the night phase that I can honestly say that my life this April is much easier than life last April.

So when did it get easier for me as a mom of twins?
  1. When both babies were home from the NICU.
  2. When they started sleeping through the night.
  3. When Mark could hold his own bottle. (Molly never learned how)
  4. When the babies learned to feed themselves solids.
  5. When they learned to crawl and get the toy they wanted instead of crying for it.
  6. When Molly started walking. At least now I only have to carry one kid all the time.
In the Fall, Isabella is going to start pre-school and I think that will make my life a little easier. It will be nice to only have two kids to take care of for a few hours each week.


  1. I can't imagine having my newborn(s) in NICU. How surreal. Did you get to bring them both home together? I don't think a lot of people realize what moms of multiples go through after delivery.

  2. Wow! 16 month old twins! Sounds like you have some serious fun around your house.

    Just stopping by to return the follow love from the Just Cuz Blog Hop! Sorry so late. I've been on vacation ;)

  3. I agree with all of yours. You have a big one to look forward to - when they're out of diapers! That was a big turning point for me each time.


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