May 17, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee

Angelica's Awesome Adventures
Do you ever feel like you have either a laid back weekend or a super busy whirlwind weekend? In my house things come all at once. We either have no set plans or we have something going on all weekend. Last weekend was a jam packed go-go-go kind of weekend.

My Dad came into town on Friday night. His flight didn't get in until 6pm so we knew it was going to be a late night for the kids. They were fine since their Papa brought pizza and macaroni and cheese with him and they got to eat a second dinner. And it's official, Domino's pizza is very tasty now that they have changed the recipe. They were up until 10pm with is waaayyyyy past their bedtime.

On Saturday we had breakfast and hung out with Papa until it was time to go to my brother's college graduation. We got there beyond early (we were in our seats a hour before it started) and by the time the graduation started I was ready to leave. Here's something that people don't want to admit, but graduations are boring. I love my brother, but it was two hours before he walked across the stage and I was checking my email while we waited. We were also sending him text messages. And can I say that its a little strange to see all the graduates texting during their ceremony? Oh and I left the kids at home with Daddy, there was no way I was going to attempt bringing three little kids to a graduation.
That's alot of people to go across the stage.

When we chose our seats I said that we were either going to get a great picture
 or a picture of the back of his head. Go figure, it was the back of his head.

This wasn't our handy work, but I thought it was funny.
It only took him 9 years so it wouldn't have been as funny.

His graduation was the afternoon ceremony so they party was in the evening. Once again my kids were going to be up late, until 10pm again. Thankfully there were plenty of distractions that they didn't even notice. Molly walked around like a baby bird and opened her mouth to anyone with food. They all fed her and I don't even want to know how many chips and doughnuts that kid ate. And with all those people around, Mommy and Mommy and Daddy had plenty of helping hands so we could mingle with free hands.

On Sunday I was filling in for a friend at church and long story short, I was there from 9am to 2:30pm. Yes it was a long morning. I have no idea how she does it every week. I held a baby almost the entire time I was there so my arms got an awesome workout! 

At 3pm we woke up the kids from their naps to go to the LVMOMs spring picnic. The temperature dropped about 25 degrees from Saturday and the wind was blowing hard. This seems to be a theme for our events. We had a great time hanging out with all the other twin families. Brett spent most of his time manning the playground while I socialized. (There are some good things that come from having a super shy husband.) And we are learning that Molly is our little dare devil. She climbed up to the slide for the big kids and went down head first. She was laughing the whole way down! 

I can't believe we needed hoodies in May!

The kids were done at 5 so we headed home. Have you seen the movie Bye, Bye Love? It came out in the early 90s. There is a scene with all the divorced Dads and their kids on the weekend. At the beginning of the day everyone was excited and going a million miles a minute. By the end of the day the Dads are dragging kids, everyone is exhausted, and there are no smiles and crying all around. The walk to the car and the drive home felt like that moment in the movie. We had gone a million miles a minute and then I hit a wall and there was absolutely NO energy left. But it sure was fun!

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  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I love weekends like that when the kids are busy and occupied, but when everyone hits that wall, things can get a little crazy. ;-)

    And I agree...graduations are ridiculously boring! Who really wants to sit through all of that? Not me!

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  4. We still need hoodies in May, too! :( Where is the sunshine??? Sounds like you had a busy, but good, weekend. Our house is the same way. Either we do NOTHING or we exhaust ourselves being constantly on the move.

  5. I enjoy reading! All so true.

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  9. It sounds like you had a great/busy time! And better late than never - completing a degree takes a lot of hard work!


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