May 10, 2011

Mom's TV Ban

Normally the sit on the couch to watch, but sometimes they like to be up close and personal.

Since Brett started working nights, my kids started watching a lot of TV. Under normal circumstances, my kids are only allowed to watch a hour of TV a day. But with a small house and a husband that needs to sleep, the TV is on all morning. The problem with this new schedule is that the kids are becoming addicts. Isabella is asking to watch movies and shows now, which she never did before. So I decided that a TV ban was in order for a least a week.

Day One - I totally forgot when I decided to ban TV this week that Mark had a 9:30 OT appointment. So I quickly "forgot" about the ban and let the girls watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse during the first half of his appointment. But for the rest of the day no TV was watched. I was pretty proud of myself for not giving in to Isabella's requests.

Day Two - No TV was watched and Isabella only asked once. Since she asked for TV a million (only a slight exaggeration) yesterday I felt like this was a big improvement. We stayed busy with circle time, books, and play-dough all morning. BTW this was the first time the M&Ms have played with play-dough and they looked at me as if to say what are we supposed to do with it if we can't eat it?

I think the kids will quickly forget how much TV we have watched over the past few months. They have so much fun playing toys and going outside that I think this just might be an easier transition back than I thought it would be. Keeping my fingers crossed! And yes, this means mom can't watch TV when the kids are up too.


  1. We started this last week as well, as a week trial and have extended it. Jack hardly asks for it and he is learning to play better alone. I found myself having it on ALL the time because the twins were occupying my time, so the TV occupied Jack's :(
    So, I'm liking this too!

  2. I solved this problem by not having TV in the house at all. I mean, we have a tv and dvd player, but no service. GREATLY helps control her watching time, and now it's a special treat!

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  3. Stand your ground! LOL. I sympathize with you. My 2yo has become a TV junkie, and I've quietly put a ban on the boob tube for a few days. We're pretty strict about the amount of screen time, not every day, and usually only an hour. But then I will find myself letting them watch or play something on my computer and feel like a failure once I realize I got suckered. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! As a rule, the TV is always on in our home. Hubby needs the background noise and it also soothes our pack of dogs. When I am there alone with the peapod, I set the TV for Nick Jr. but she never becomes involved enough that she doesn't want to engage in other play with me. Suggest going outside? Forget it! She has her "normal" shows that she likes to watch at night but it's not a given. Like this evening, hubby had to make a store run and "Olivia" was coming on... peapod quickly donned her coat and ran for the door. :) I don't think that all TV is bad. The shows that she has engaged in (like Blue's Clues) allow us to interact and she has so much fun while learning at the same time.

  5. TV is a tough one. We have it on pretty frequently. Lately we only have it on early morning and after dinner so the grown-ups can actually have a conversation with out kiddos climbing all over us.

    Good Luck with your ban. You are a stronger mom than I.

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  6. It's weird because my twins are completely UN-interested in television, which is good, but until they start playing nice and not one bullying the other, it'd be nice to be able to leave the room for a pee break, even if it meant during a few minutes of an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I agree...too much TV is NO good!

    Back in my day we used our imaginations. Played make believe, played tag outside with friends, kicked a ball around, built sand castles, and did cartwheels on the lawn. It wasn't such a 'technology oriented' time.

    It's nice, especially this time of year, to get off of the couch and get active. Adults and children alike. This is a great stradegy! Keep up the terrific work mama:) Nite!

    xoxo Shelly

  7. Good for you! Stay's not easy!

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  12. I think this is a great idea! I try not to let my kids watch too much tv but sometimes for convenience sake, I find it's on more than I'd like. I think I'll have to try a tv ban... it should be easier now that the weather's finally getting nicer and the kids can play outside more. :)

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  13. Good for you - I struggle with this too. My son is entranced by the big screen too!

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    I grew up with only an hour of tv a day (if all my homework was done) and even now I don't watch a whole lot. I do have keep up with Grey's Anatomy which I can watch online. Saves us a lot of money not having cable or satellite too!


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