May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Something that makes me thankful this week.

If you are a close friend of mine you know the reasons why my family is struggling right now. If you're a regular reader of this blog you can make a few educated guesses. But that doesn't mean that we don't have many blessings in our life.

Mark's Pt was on Tuesday.  He is doing so great! I cannot believe how much progress he has made. He is now taking a few steps on his own. You have to get him started, but he’ll take up to 6 steps all by his little self. I’m so proud of him and all his hard work. His PT seems to think he’ll be walking on his own by the end of July! We are now working on teaching him how to stand up on his own. I am so beyond thankful that I can see his progress every month. Like hit my knees praising God thankful.

The commercial above gets me every single time! It reminds me to think past Mark’s diagnosis and remember that brains can be retrained. And why I resemble a drill sergeant when it comes to his therapy.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. That's such a relief that Mark is doing so well! He is going to overcome this and be stronger from it. ((Hugs))

  2. I am a new follower please follow me back thanks :)

  3. Thinking of you! Way to go Mark!!

  4. Aww! That commercial just made me tear up too!

    Today I am thankful for...
    friends like you. :)

  5. I don't know you but feel your love for your son. I thank God he has a mother willing to work with him and love him. I took on a baby in Honduras when I lived there that was abandoned by his mother because he was not perfect and it was so heartbreaking. You are a blessing.

  6. I'm so happy you are seeing progress. Sometimes love requires drill sergeant type pushing--and your love for Mark is evident.

    Blessings on you and Mark,

  7. yes our children are all worth more and I love to see it when they are succesful so glad that you are seeing progress with your child


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