May 4, 2011

Water Table Fun!

Like most moms, I think my kids are pretty stinkin' cute and funny. But, I am well aware that no one else (well besides Brett) thinks they're as cute and funny as I do. Yesterday I posted about the trouble my kids get into while my back is turned for 2 seconds. You should scroll down and read it if you missed it, it's pretty funny.

And today's post is about the "trouble" they get into in front of my back. While I was cooking dinner last night, I sent the girls outside to play. We have a water table now thanks to the "Easter Bunny" and the kids LOVE it! Many hours have been spent outside splashing already. I knew they would get wet, but I wasn't worried. We go straight to the tub after dinner so I was fine stripping them down to diaper or panties to eat dinner.

My girls sharing a cup of water table water.

I underestimated my kids once again. I put cups in the table (the plastic ones from restaurants that you get with kid's meals) so they could pour water into the various spouts. Well my kiddos decided that they should pour the water over their heads instead. BTW-these are the same kids that squirm in the bathtub when a drop of water goes near their eyes.

Molly caught in the act!

They dumped out so much water that we had to refill the table.

Isabella didn't get as wet as Molly, mostly because Isabella helped Molly dump water over her head. They had a great time out there and came in just before dinner. Love that this toy keeps them out of my hair while I'm making dinner. What on Earth will I ever do when in gets cold again? Thank goodness that many months away!

Now I admitted my bias before I started this post, but seriously how cute are these pictures?


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  2. Funny! :)

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  5. How cute!! Your blog is so great!

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  6. haha Too cute!
    Yep, pretty sure my youngest would be dumping it on themselves too if I turned my back ;)

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  8. The pictures are soooo cute!! And my daughter is the one of mine that gets into so much. The girl is into everything. People probably wonder why I don't watch her closer! But, then I'd NEVER get anything done. Glad your girls are having such a great time with the water table! Just stopping in from the hop to catch up! Already a follower.

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  10. Adorable! Everytime you mention the water table, I want to go and buy one- and then I remember that we have enough dog water bowls around here!

  11. Looking back, I love the moments that my kids were getting into some kind of mischief when they were that age. Now that they are older, it doesn't seem as cute when they get into trouble. That does look like great fun, though!

  12. I think its funny that they hate bath time but then poured water over their heads. Sounds like something my daughter would do. Cute pics! :)!


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