May 7, 2011

Why You Should Celebrate Mother's Day

I watch talk shows while I blog to have background noise. What will I do without Oprah, I don't know. On Thursday and Friday the topic of Mother's Day has come up on a few of them. And it was asked why wives expect their husbands to do something for them since they are not his mother? I got annoyed and turned off the TV........

Later that day a jerk person that I know said that Mother's Day is just another made up holiday by the greeting card industry. I hate when people say this! No it wasn't, and if you'd like to read about the origins of Mother's Day you can go here and read all about it. Laura at Adventures at Greenacre wrote a great post about it.

OK so why should you celebrate Mother's Day?
  • You have a mother that gave you life. Even if your mother has passed, you can take a moment to remember her and some of the good times.
  • Now about the husband comment. No I'm not your mother, but I am the mother of your children. And if you don't think you need to celebrate me, we have much bigger problems. (Brett is not one of these guys BTW)
  • Do you celebrate birthdays? Anniversaries? Christmas? Then what's your beef with Mother's Day? Again it's your mom that gave you life and your wife that gave your children life.
  • I think the single moms out there should get an extra special day and it's them that are so often over looked.
Now for me, I just want a nice relaxing day with my kids and my mom. I don't need anything over the top or extravagant. (Brett's a lucky guy huh?) But I do want my family to make me feel special and I want to do something special for my mom. I think moms put themselves last almost every day of the year and I'm so glad that I get one day where I am put first.

So I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day! Enjoy your Sunday celebrating your mom and if you are a mom celebrating with your kids.


  1. This is a very sweet post Allison. I agree with you. I am also lucky to have a great husband who recognizes the importance of Mother's Day. And I also, of course, recognize the equal importance of Father's Day. :)

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  3. You said it right!!! Hope your Mother's Day is excellent! Following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! Would love it if you LIKE my page:

  4. I agree with you whole-heartedly. You should appreciate your mother or the mother of your children every day but Mother's Day is a special occasion, set aside just for them! When it turned midnight, my hubby looked over at me and said, "Happy Mother's Day." and it made me feel warm and squishy. It's not about gifts, it's about being recognized for what we do everyday!!

  5. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!

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    I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!

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    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  8. Great reasons - what a great post! Hope you had a great mother's day!

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    Happy Mother's Day
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  11. Happy Mother's Day! My husband is actually one of those that doesn't celebrate Mother's Day and would prefer we not celebrate any other holidays either. He never grew up celebrating much and is just of the opinion you should show your love year round instead of saving it for one day. While I do agree with the last part it is nice to feel appreciated and have a few special days that are set aside and different throughout the year.


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