Jun 10, 2011

Chuck E Cheese's and Poop

Today we went to Chuck E Cheese's to celebrate Isabella filling up her potty chart. We have had the hardest time getting that girl to poop in the potty. She will tell you when she needs to pee, but just poops her pants. So beyond frustrating! But this past week at Grandma's house a light bulb finally went off and she is now pooping in the potty! Hip, hip, hooray!

We told her that she could go to Chuck E Cheese's when she filled up her pooping potty chart. This was a long painful process! She finished filling it up on Sunday and today was her big day. I learned some things about Chuck E Cheese's today.

1. You should always go to Chuck E Cheese's at 10 am. Look at how empty this place is! There were only two other families there when we arrived. And by 11:15, there were maybe 10 families.

2. The employees check the machines first thing in the morning and this makes tons of tickets come out. We scored about 175 free tickets just from walking around and pulling them off the machines.

3. If you are going to celebrate something, print off a chart for 10 free tickets. They celebrate every thing from potty training to good grades. Maybe print off a chart no matter what.

So we went fully planning on using the 10 free tokens and then leaving. We ended up coming home with 4 tokens because Isabella is three and she just had fun being there. She doesn't like the riding toys turned on, (too scary) so she got on and played and it was free. Can I just keep her like this forever????

Don't you just love that she insisted on wearing her pretty dress to go to CEC?

This little girl put in a token for Mark while my back was turned. I felt bad and tried to give
 her a token, but she wouldn't take it. So I gave her some tickets instead.

My little dare devil climbed up all by herself, something Isabella still won't do.

All in all we spent a hour at Chuck E Cheese's and spent zero dollars. Isabella is so excited about winning two crazy straws, two rings, and a pen. And she told everyone there that she got to come because "I filled up my poopy chart!"


  1. How cute. I love chuck e. cheese reward charts. I have used them with my son. He loves them.

  2. My oldest daughter wouldn't poop in the potty for the weird reason of it being to yacky. By the time she was four I had had enough. I told her that if she ever pooped her pants again she would have to clean up herself. Of course she didn't take me seriously.
    She pooped her pants, I took her to the bathroom, she had to undress herself, toss the poop in the toilet herself, wash the floor with wipes when she dropped it on the floor and clean herself and get dressed all on her own while I stood by her holding my nose and commenting on how gross this is. She did not like it. Still she did it one more time and we went through the process again.
    But that was it. The third day I hear her in the bathroom and she is on the potty pooping, I ask her why and she looked up at me and said it was too yucky not to go to the potty.
    I know I'm a mean mommy, but it worked after all the charts failed. And that is my confession and I will do it again if I have to with my youngest daughter.

  3. omg i know EXACTLY how you feel about the poop thing. My eldest started hiding under tables and would poop in his pants, every time we saw him inching towards a table we would whip him onto the potty lol. Took a few interventions and lots of stickers and praise but we won!!

    congrats to her filling her poopy chart.

  4. Yay Isabella...way too go!

  5. I'm telling you, it was in the water this week!! Both Isabella and Acacia got it - Woohoo!!

  6. Love it! We take my son to Chuck E Cheese a couple times a year, and going in the morning is key! So much better than heading there on a Friday Night!

  7. Oh My Gawd...I have only made it through 2 of your recent posts BUT you have soooo got my attention...

    The first post for your fierce and absolutely wonderful comment to that mom about wanting to have her baby sooner than later AND SHAME on her for using the "R" word...

    And THIS post for the GREAT pointers on going to Chuck E Cheese...my twinsa re onyl 17 months old but I know the time is coming soon...especially as a reward for completing the "poopy chart" (I gotta keep reading) but those pointers were awesome!!

    Thanks...and I plan to follow...


  8. i decided to do the same idea you had with my little boy, Hunk. He successfully was able to fill up his poopy chart too! Thank you so much for your help. Now he won't poop his pants in front of his grandpa Coran anymore xD 😀


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