Jun 16, 2011

Farewell Sierra Electric RIP

Tomorrow is the last day for Sierra Electric Services. Brett started the company 5 years ago and for 4 years, things were great. The economy in Las Vegas had gotten even worse in the last year and it has taken it's toll on us. It is bitter sweet closing a business, but for us it is mostly sweet.

The Bitter Side
We are now a no income family. And did you know that small business owners pay a butt load into unemployment for our employees but cannot file for unemployment ourselves?  Isn't that special?

We have no idea where or when Brett will get a job. There are almost no prospects in Las Vegas so the odds of moving are very high. I'd put it around 90% chance. It's sad to think about moving away from our friends and family. We have a good support system here with my family and our church family and friends. If we move, we are starting over and that's a little scary.

Brett worked so hard to build his business and he's such a hard worker. It's sad that a terrible economy is forcing him out of business.

The Sweet Side
There are so many avenues open to us. The sky is the limit on where we can go and what new opportunities may await us. This is scary, but really exciting too. Besides, have you been to Vegas in the summer? It's a bad as you think it is.

Brett works crazy long hours and it will be nice to have him around more.

A steady paycheck and real health insurance sounds really great right now. I'm a little sick of paying a fortune for private health insurance and getting almost no coverage. And have you ever waited for a company to pay you? They drag their feet, lie, and wait until the last possible moment to pay you. Meanwhile, you have to pay your employees regardless of the fact that you haven't been paid. They have a tendency to stop showing up for work if you don't pay them.

Less stress for me and for Brett. Mostly the high level of stress that Brett has been under for the last year. I would like to get my carefree husband back.

As it turns out, Brett is not the type of person that enjoys working 16 hour days. (Can you believe that there are people that like working that much?) After lots of prayer and soul searching, it turns out that he would rather work for someone else than be his own boss and continue working these crazy long hours. It wasn't always this way, but in a tough economy we can't pay as many people so Brett has to pick up the slack.

I'm really sick of owning a business. As a small business owner you wear a lot of different hats. And you cannot take a vacation without the phone ringing a million times. Not to mention how many vacations were ruined or cut short because of the business. So goodbye to Sierra Electric Services. This is not a sad goodbye and we will not miss you.


  1. Congratulations!?!...I pray God blesses your future and Brett finds a job with good benefits, less hours, less stress and something that fulfills him!

  2. Sounds like this is a blessing in disguise...in my experience change, while not always easy is always great...well, mostly great but always a growing & learning opportunity! ;)

    Sending you and your family...lotsa good Karma!!

  3. Many good wishes sent your way!! Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!! Here's to a future full of happiness and success!! Take care and good luck!!

  4. I hope you enjoy the next step in Brett's career journey more than the last!

  5. Praying for your family in this time of need.

  6. When one door closes God always opens up another door. Hopefully, you all won't have to move away from your family and friends. Virtual assistants and online jobs are all the rave now. Helps in employers cut back on their in office costs without sacrificing quality work. Just pray and ask the Lord to show you all the next step.

  7. I agree that this might be a blessing in disguise - silver linings to be found! I'm following from the Making Friends hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  8. What a fantastic attitude to have!

  9. Good luck to you! You'll get through with your great attitude.


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