Jun 11, 2011

How we Survived Brett Working Nights-Magid Glove Review

I should tell you my loyal readers that I never review products or do giveaways if I'm not interested in the product. Why would I? I don't need anymore crap laying around my house. So under normal circumstances, I would not want to review ear plugs on my blog. It's not something that I would use. But Brett worked nights from January to last week and ear plugs seemed like a great solution to our sleeping problem.

Have you ever tried to keep three kids under 4 quiet all morning? If you haven't, I can tell you that it is impossible. Right about the time Brett started working 12 hour nights the package of ear plugs from Magid Glove & Safety came in the mail. Talk about perfect timing! Especially since I totally forgot that they were coming! Ops!

Now I will say that Brett could have cared less that they were pink. Why are they pink? Because a portion of the sales from the ear plugs goes directly to National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. All he really cared about was crawling into bed when the kids were waking up and being able to sleep. (I have a picture of him sleeping with them in, but he refused to let me post it. Big baby!)

He was able to sleep in our little one story house thanks to these ear plugs. Isabella stood in our room trying to wake him up and he slept right through it. (little stinker) Without the ear plugs I was lucky to get him to sleep for 4 hours before the kids were waking him up. I really don't think we would have survived him working nights at the end without them. And now he wants to wear them when it's his turn to sleep in. I may have created a monster!

Brett does use ear plugs on his job site and he says these would be great since he could see form a distance if his guys have them on. How could you miss pink? But if you're a parent that just needs a little extra sleep, they work great! Just make sure someone else is listening for the kids, OK?

Disclaimer: I received the product for free from Magid Glove & Safety. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. I have four kids, I need some of these earplugs LOL!!

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