Jun 25, 2011

My Mom Education

I went to college and grad school. I am one of those really weird people that love school. After I had Isabella, I thought my educational days were over. Boy was I wrong! Being a mother has furthered my education and I'm learning new things everyday. For example.....
  • Thanks to Dora and Diego, Isabella and I are learning Spanish. However, she is much better than Mommy since she actually watches the show and I just overhear the show as I'm working. She says things to me in Spanish and I have to ask for the English word please.
  • You have to be specific-If you tell a child she cannot hit her brother, she will hit her sister and then tell you "you said I couldn't hit my brother. Molly's my sister mommy."
  • A child that can climb onto a chair can also climb onto the table.

  • All men may have been created equal, but not all chicken nuggets are created equal. Kids will pick their favorites and refuse to eat any other brand.
  • A ten minute shower can change your outlook on life. An uninterrupted thirty minute shower is a luxury that sounds as possible as winning the lottery.
  • Play dates are not for the kids.
  • If you can smell poop from across the room, that is one nasty diaper that you are about to change. Send the baby to his or her father if possible so he can deal with the mess.
Yep that's poop! And of course I took a picture before I bathed him.

  • A ringing phone signals your children to turn into needy, demanding, naughty children. But don't worry, this behavior ends the second you get off the phone.
  • Putting toys on the top shelf does not keep them out of reach from your kids, it encourages climbing.
  • But nothing is cuter than seeing your kids kiss and hug!

So what has being a parent taught you?


  1. Being a mom has taught me: When your child says something like, "It's ok, mommy, you can take your shower now," they really mean that they are about to get into mischief and don't want to get caught.

  2. Love this post!!! I'm one of those people who would still be in school lifelong had I not met my hubby!! I love it if it is a class I am interested in. :) Being a mom is truly like being in school too....just VERY different. haha I am having a Sunday photo swap today and would LOVE for you to come over and join me!! ;) Following you now!!

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