Jun 7, 2011

Vacation Recap Part 1

Last Tuesday we headed down to California because Brett had to do some work on a construction lawsuit. He is getting paid to be a witness on a multi million dollar house gone wrong. All I can say is I would hate to be the GC for this house.

Things did not start well. One of Brett's jobs is an absolute nightmare right now. He is working nights and dealing with more drama than a junior high school girl right now. So he didn't get any sleep on Monday night. We loaded up the kids and the dog and hit the road at noon on Tuesday. Now a little disclaimer, my kids don't sleep in the car regardless of what time we leave. Trust me, I have tried every time of the day and night and nothing has worked. It sucks, but I have come up with a system that makes our car tips bearable.

Step #1 Feed the kids the whole way down.

Step #2 Play DVDs the whole way down. My tip to you-be a mean mommy and refuse to
let your kids watch their favorite DVDs for a few days before the trip.

Brett slept for about two whole hours on the way down since his phone kept ringing and he had to change the DVDs. Mark slept for ten minutes and Molly for 30. She might have slept longer if her mean ole sister hadn't hit her in the head to wake her up. Isabella asked me "Mommy is Molly sleeping?" "Yes she is baby." Isabella hits her on the head and asks "is she still sleeping? Nope, she's not." Errrrr

We got to Grandma and Grandpa's house and played, ate an early dinner and it was off to bed.

Day 2
Brett was feeling pretty good since he got about 11 hours of sleep the night before. It was a good thing since he had to go to work. The kids and I hung out with Grandma at the house. We played outside and enjoyed getting spoiled by Grandma. Isabella made some chocolate chip cookies and ate at least 1/4 of the bag of chips while she cooked. That night Brett and I went for a long walk "date."

Day 3
It was pretty warm so we went swimming. The kids mostly played on the steps and splashed the adults so much that taking pictures was tough. But I did get a few.

How stinkin' cute is that bathing suit?

Splashing fun!

That night we had plans to go out with our friends Ray and Kristen. We were all going to put down our kids and meet up for a drink. Sounds like fun right? It would have been too except for the phone call that ruined our night. How can a single phone call ruin our night you ask? Because someone out there hates us I think.

As we are walking into the restaurant Brett's phone rang. It was his backhoe operator saying that he got kicked off the job by the GC. Awesome since this was the last night of work at this job. And from 4 hours away there wasn't much we could do about it. Brett dealt with this nightmare all night. He spent the night on the phone arguing and trying not to have a heart attack. In the end, lawyers were notified and we are looking at the biggest nightmare of Sierra Electric's history. Just what we needed. So much for a fun night out with our friends.

I'll pick up with the rest of our vacation tomorrow. Don't worry it gets a little better.


  1. wishing your hubby good luck!! I agree, would not want to be the GC!

    found your blog through family friendly hop!
    would love for you to stop by

  2. Wishing your husband luck and sounds like you had an exciting trip.

    Found your blog through What I love About Me Blog hop and from Holly over at Twins Plus One.

    Would love for you to so by http://hsvihl.blogspot.com/

  3. Your poor hubby!! Hope all is well now.

    I can't believe your kids don't sleep in the car....that just pure craziness! I wonder if they are afraid of missing something?!?! Glad you figured out how to manage the trips!!

    Take care!

  4. I'm so sorry about what's going on with Brett's job. I'm sure it's a nightmare for the both of you. Hugs to you.

    On a happier note though, I think that swimsuit is incredibly cute!!

  5. I was lucky. My daughter always knocked out in the car (still does as far as I know). Sounds like you have a good system in place though! Can't wait to hear how it gets bettter!

  6. Hi, I found you through the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop and am your newest follower. I am following you on your GFC. If you get a chance stop over and check out my “Cupboard”…..hope to see you soon!

    ~KerrieLynn Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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  7. Is she asleep now?

    I cracked up!

  8. The swimsuit is super stinkin' cute! Cakes has two already for this season and I resisted the urge to buy her another at Target yesterday.

    I'm glad to hear the vacation gets better - hopefully you do actually get a vacation and some time alone with Brett!


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