Jun 8, 2011

Vacation Recap Part 2

Day 4
After all the drama the night before, Friday was bound to be better. We planned to go to Irvine Park with our friends Ray and Kristen and their sons. We joke about how we don't what happened to us. Three and half years ago, there were no kids and now we have 5 between us.

It was a beautiful day for being outside and Irvine Park is a huge, wonderful park. You should go if you ever get the chance. We walked around and let the kids run off some energy. Then we hit the playground for almost exactly 10 minutes before a field trip of fourth graders took over the toddler playground. Can I just say as a former teacher it really annoyed me that the teachers just stood by as their students took over the toddler playground?

Then we headed over to the zoo. It's a small zoo, but it's better than anything we have here in Vegas so it's still really exciting for Isabella.

Hoo Hoo!

All the kids got to pet a turtle. Mark really liked it.

Molly and Isabella checking out the turtles.

There were no animals in here, but the kids were using their
spotting scopes to look for animals. Gotta love Diego!

After our fun at the zoo we all had a picnic lunch and then it was off for home. The kids took great naps after all the excitement. Brett and I enjoyed our nap time by having a beer by the pool with some chips and guacamole. (Man I miss vacation!) Once the kids woke up we went swimming again. The wind came up and it got really cold. So the kids and I hit the bathtub as soon as we all got out.

They thought it was really funny having Mommy in the tub with them.

Day 5
Ah man the weather was kinda crummy. It was cold and overcast and since Daddy slept until 10am, we skipped the children's museum. (We have a pass in Vegas that works at 300 other museums) We just hung around the house and played with the kiddos. After the kiddos went down for a nap, Brett and I headed out to Chick Fil A for a lunch date. We love Chick Fil A and we don't have one in Vegas so it is a real treat for us.

Now what would you do if you had a babysitter? Go home and wait for them to wake up? Or option two, walk around a huge shopping center and hit Total Wine for some wine tasting? Yup we went with option 2 too! And score since they were tasting 8 wines and only one of them was white. I hate white wine! In my opinion, it should be banned. So for 20 cents we tried 8 wines and felt really weird about having to stand in this tiny 6'X6' space with 4 other people. And I wanted to vomit when one guy proceeded to try the wine and then spit it out. Every last sip! Ugh! Gross! No one want to see that.

That night we went out after dinner for a date. We went to On The Border for a drink. We were so tired and full from dinner that we drank exactly one beer and went home. We felt really sad about wanting to go home at 8:30, and really it is pretty sad. When did we get so old? Oh yeah that's right the second I gave birth to Isabella. And I'm pretty sure I aged 10 years by having twins 21 months later.

Day 6
On the road again. I just hate that we have to get back on the road again!
We left at noon again. The twins were sleeping when a video went from the movie to a commercial which was super loud and woke them up about 20 minutes into sleeping. We were only 1 hour into our drive and they never fell asleep again.Mark cried non-stop for a hour, though it felt like 5 hours. When we got home we were tired and ready for bed. Too bad it was only 4:15!

Here's another perk to taking a vacation at Grandma's house, we came home with all our clothes clean! No piles of laundry for mommy the next day. We unpacked and enjoyed a take out dinner from Ruby Tuesday's (thank you buy one get one free coupon) once the kids were down. It was a nice break for us and the kids had a great time. And best of all??????

Brett is off nights!! HOORAY!!!! Life can somewhat get back to normal. Well normal for us anyway.

PS. I forgot to include this on my first recap. We were playing outside and I told Isabella she had to stay on the grass. Look at my little smart ass!

"I'll just stand at the edge of the grass and hit the sidewalk." Take that Mommy!


  1. I am stopping by from the Alexa Hop...sorry I am late.

  2. Well, even though it started rough, it sounds like you ended up having a great vacay!

  3. Found you on the Welcome Wednesday blog hop...your trip seems to be going great. I love your daughter "staying on the grass!"

  4. Love the bath pic!! Great story in the future! Sounds like the vaca wrapped up beautifully!! Yay for end of night shift! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That bath pic is priceless! And no Chick Fil A in Vegas?? The horror! It's our go-to place at least once a week!

  6. Great pictures.
    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you follow back. http://grandmabonniescloset.blogspot.com/

  7. LOVE Diego...and love when babies learn great things from TV (ours are always stating their "hypothesis"...thank you Dinosaur Train!)

    ...and the photo of you in the tub with the kids...priceless...

  8. Cute pics! Our kids love the zoo (and I love seeing the tigers as well). Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Thursday Cup of Joe Blog Hop. Would love a visit and follow back on my blog: http://blog.writerslairbooks.com. Thanks!

  9. You have a beautiful family... Anytime you have kids vacations at some point are another are a little complex.... lol .... but always worth it.. Courtne Gamble from The hangout spot... http://www.laughtilitdonthurt.blogspot.com

  10. Your vacation was close to where I live in Huntington Beach - We are driving through Vegas in a couple of weeks - staying at the Flamingo or Planet Hollywood Hotel for 2 nights- have not made up my mind yet... on our way to the Rocky mountains..
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  11. That last picture is the best! :)

  12. Date nights are the best! And it definitely sound like the trip was a lot more enjoyable than I originally thought! And my daughter LOVES when I get in the tub with her too. What she doesn't like is that I insist on sitting next to the faucet so I can occasionally add some more HOT water to the tub.


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