Jun 27, 2011

When Did it Become Wrong to Have a Gender?

I'm am amazed to read stories on gender these days. It is somehow suddenly wrong to have a gender. You know that thing you are born with and cannot change without radical changes being made. And even if you change your gender, guess what? You still have a gender, it's just different!!

My outrage comes off of reading two stories recently. The first story was about little baby Storm who was being raised without gender by his parents. No one out side the parents and siblings will know the baby's gender, not even Grandma. The parents want the child to pick it's gender later when it chooses. (Before you get mad abut the it part remember we can't say him or her.) You can read more about this story here just in case you missed it. Oh and don't even get me started on how I believe this will affect the two siblings of Storm, having the burden of keeping this secret!

Then today this story came out about a pre-school in Sweden where there is no gender. That's right the kids are referred to a made up name "Hen" and all the toys are gender neutral. They don't want girls to be girlie or boys to manly. Who are you to decide that playing with dolls or cars will make a kid girlie or manly? My daughter only wants to wear dresses, the more ruffles the better. (No matter what we are doing that day either) But please don't waste your money on dolls, she wants cars and firetrucks. I still think she's girlie, and I that it's a good thing. Who are you to decide that it's no longer OK to be girlie? You can read the full story at  No Him or Her.

Yep that my Bell's wearing her fancy dress to play with all the balls in the house.

I don't understand why parents, society, schools, etc can't just give kids boy and girl toys and let them decide what to play with. And further more, it is fine if a boy plays with a doll and a girl shoots guns. It doesn't change their gender. I feel like telling a boy that he can't do boy things will actually harm that child. Same goes for the girls.

And when in the hell did it become a bad thing to be a girl or boy? You are born with a gender, end of story. No matter how much you want to say that girls and boys are the same, they're not. Remember the scene in Kindergarten Cop? "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." So no matter what social experiment you try to undertake, at the end of the day that is still the case. A man may want to give birth to a child, but he lacks the equipment. This will never change. EVER!

Even if you call him a hen.


  1. Social experiments are dangerous even when they are done on large scales with expert researchers doing all they can to decrease psychological harm to the participants. Individuals and other untrained persons attempting social experiments of their own accord is absolutely frightening.

  2. I think this is a sad commentary on the state of political correctness in our society. We are so worried about offending people that we are experimenting with our children. I read the story about Storm several weeks ago and it made me sad. We can teach our children tolerance and that it's okay for them to be whatever they want to be without going to these extremes. Sigh.

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  3. I so agree!! I just don't get it?!?!

  4. I hadn't heard of either story, but what the heck is going on!? How can parents do this, seems totally messed up.

  5. I posted my thoughts on this as one of my first posts as a new blogger...you can read about it here if you like...


    I feel the exact same way...it's nonsense to me! (So happy I'm not the only one who is thinking WTH?)

  6. I think it's gone too far. Like you said let them play with what they want! Girls can play with trucks and boys can play with dolls, or vica versa. People shoving non-gender stuff down their kids throats is just as bad as people shoving girly things down a girls throat. And raising the kid genderless? Uhh how are you going to hide the penis or vagina?

  7. oh my! gender is just part of the uniqueness if each person but it is a part! how ridiculous. i disagree as well...gender is fine and celebrating the child themselves, not the boy, or the girl in them but their soul is where its at. i have a beautiful car and train obsessed little boy who is the only one of my 3 children (the other 2 being girls) who loves up on all the dolls in the house xxenough said! x


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