Jul 16, 2011

Creative Parenting

I think sometimes you have to get creative as a parent. And this week I got 2/3 desperate and 1/3 creative.

That would be Isabella's two favorite stuffed animals and blanket on time out. Why are they in timeout? Well Isabella is a little stubborn brat challenging child that does everything on her timeline and not one second before she is ready. It took forever to get her potty trained. And getting her pee trained and poop trained had many many months between. Can you say annoying frustrating?

We finally turned the corner and she was staying dry all night and pooping in the potty every time she needed to go. Hooray, we are in the clear. Thank goodness, one kid down and two to go. Then I had the nerve to call it and say that she's potty trained. Isabella heard me and thought to herself "you think so lady, I'll show you!"

So the kid that pooped two or three times a day, started to hold her poop all day. And then would poop within 20 minutes of getting into her crib at night!! This is after sitting on the potty for 20 minutes and trying to go. So beyond annoying frustrating!

So what is a mom to do?

Well some moms would ride it out and follow every single potty training book and not discipline over this little issue. But this mom was at the end of her rope and she decided it was time to punish her daughter for starting this power struggle. So I put the blanket, rally monkey, and gymbo in timeout. I told her that she had to poop three times in a row before she could get them out of timeout. Now before you question my choice in items to take away from her, she loves these things. The only thing I could take away from her that would be a bigger punishment would be the TV. And really, that's punishing me more than her.

Now you'll notice that it's on the top of the pool table light. It's only torture if she can see them, but cannot touch them. I decided to help her out by giving her prunes for breakfast and raisins at morning snack. I was pretty sure that she wouldn't be able to hold it all day if she had raisins and prunes every morning. And it's in the morning since I want to end pooping in her crib.

She calls the prunes her treats since M&M don't get them. (It's all in how you sell it) I have the weirdest kid in the world, she loves prunes! And it's a good thing since my evil plan is working! (Did you hear an evil laugh?) She has won her precious items out of timeout and she is taking herself to the potty again. So far disciplining her over not going potty is working. See, sometimes you just have to get creative!

If your child has engaged you in this power struggle, let me know how you got out of it. I'm going to need some backup plans if my evil plan only sees short term gains.


  1. Thanks for sharing your power struggle with us. My son has power struggles with my husband over picking up his toys. I have told my husband over and over that our son loves to have races to pick up his toys. So instead of having a power struggle, I choose to race. But here is the key..I go as slowly as I can to where he thinks he is winning but the truth is he is doing most of the work.

  2. You should just write your own parenting book. You could call it something like, "Parenting for Imperfect Moms and Dads with Imperfect Kids." It would stand out like a sore thumb at the book store, everyone would buy it, and you'd get rich. lol

  3. Brilliant!! I am laughing the evil laugh with you!! :)

  4. Girl, you need to come potty train my daughter. It's an epic battle of wills, I tell ya.

  5. I have never understood why people have been so against disciplining kids when it comes to potty training. Honestly, I think when kids know that a certain action has negative consequences they feel more compelled to do the right thing. I commend you on getting creative and not listening to those books.

  6. Potty training can be so difficult to tackle. WE have 4 and have potty trained 3. All very different, but we made it through. They say girls are easier, but she was our hardest. Sounds like discipline is helping you. I'm following you! Please visit my blog!

  7. You crack me up! Ok love the whole putting the toys in time out thing, the prunes may be pushing it haha
    All seriousness... it totally depends on what the child is acting like if they need discipline or not... not wiping after showing them a million times... deserving of some discipline... to shy cause the toilet monster or whatever he is thinking may get him (younger child) may just not be ready haha
    Anyways... I'm still trying to train my 3 getting close to 4 year old boy :/

  8. Oh... here from the Alexa hop, have a great night :)

  9. milk was my currency with child number 2-he would go pee all day on the potty and ask for a pullup to poop...made me nuts...one day of with holding milk was all it took...
    here from stumble through

  10. The evil laugh.... too funny! Very creative idea and kudos to you for being a great parent!

    Happy Stumble Through Thursday!


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