Jul 19, 2011

I Only Had 5 Things on my List

Yesterday the demons kiddos drove me nuts! So I decided to take them to Costco first thing this morning to get a nice change of scenery. I got my self up and showered and dressed (because yes I'm a freak and I hate to leave the house without a shower and makeup) and the kids up dressed and fed and we were out the door by 9am. This is so beyond impressive for us to be out of the house by 9 without an appointment.

I pulled up to Costco and that's when I realized that they don't open 'til 10. Oops! No problem, we'll go to WalMart since I broke my curling iron 2 weeks ago. So we went to WalMart to get my curling iron. And then we left with this.

Hmmm 5 things when I went for 1.

I'm very excited about the dry erase crayons and handwriting pages that I found. I'm teaching Isabella how to write and this will make life much easier. We ran into a friend at WalMart which is always a nice surprise.

Next we headed to Costco where I had 5 things on my list. Now if you saw my tweet on Sunday, you already know that I sent Brett to Costco with all three kids. It's my way of saying "this is what my life is like." But he forgot 3 things on his list so another trip was needed. I had 5 things on my list and had every intention of getting those 5 things.

My original list.  

And then I got one of these....

...... and all hell broke loose. After looking through the coupon book I ended up halfway through Costco with several items in my cart that were not on my list. Dang you Costco, you get me every time! I'm pretty sure I have never gone there and didn't get something that wasn't on my list.

11 things instead of 5

So there is my haul. Everything that wasn't on my list had a coupon (except the bananas, but fruit isn't a bad impulse buy right?) so the total wasn't too bad. I made it out of there spending $60 which is rare for me. Normally I spend $100 so I'll call this trip a win.

After we left I got a white chocolate mocha frappacino to treat myself for dragging three kids through two stores. I even remembered to bring my reusable cup so I could save a whopping ten cents!

Customizable Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
By the way, this is my all time favorite cup, you should get one!

So you could say that today was much better than yesterday. And even though I came home with 16 things instead of 5, I'm OK with that! And tonight we are taking the kids to do something fun for the very first time-we are going to the drive in movies!


  1. I went to Costco this last Sunday and also made sure to get my coupons.... I loved the Cheerios deal.... but I didn't grab the chicken nuggets. Because we are a house with 2 teens and 2 rugrats I mean smaller kids loool the nuggets are a must have for lunch for my picky eater. So when I looked at the deal I saw it wasn't really good. Always get the dino nuggets so the other one that was on sale was for 3.5 llbs and the dino ones are 5lbs and the dino was cheaper so I got them my kids like them better anyways loool. Yea I never get out of Costco for less then 100 :(

  2. I take a shower and wear makeup everywhere too. It's a rare occasion for someone other than my family to see me without makeup. I have the same problem when I go into Target too - I can never stick to my list. I've just started avoided Target unless I absolutely HAVE to go in there.

  3. I totally understand about the going in and getting more than what was on your list. It happens to me all the time.

    I totally agree with you about the not leaving the house without makeup on. And for me being a Mary Kay consultant makes it more of a priority, because if I am not wearing how can I go up to someone and offer them Mary Kay.

  4. I always have to be showered and have make-up on to go out too!

    This summer I've realized that it's often easier to handle being with the kids all day if we go out and do something - even if it's just grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I don't often get the car so it only happens occasionally, but I enjoy it every time it does!

  5. We have a Costco opening in Sydney tomorrow and I am driving down for the opening.... Am pretty excited to see what it's all about :o)
    Hoping that I can stick to my budget but I'm thinking probably not lol

  6. That's why we didn't renew our Costco membership...my husband likes to call it the $100.00 store becasue we NEVER spent less than that every time we went...it was ALWAYS way more than that!

    I am sad because I LOVE Costco!!

    Happy Wednesday!

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