Jul 11, 2011

Jaycee Dugard-My Thoughts

Don't worry, this isn't a post that is judgemental, just my thoughts.

I watched Primetime last night in horror and awe. I am horrified by the life that Jaycee Dugard lived for 18 years, but I'm in absolute awe in the woman that she is despite what happened to her. She isn't angry. (I think I would be) She is a loving mother, and she has a peaceful acceptance that I cannot imagine having after 18 years of torture. I had a few thought/comments/insights about her life story that I thought I would share.
  1. The human spirit is amazing! The tortures that she endured are unthinkable for me. I cannot express how amazed I am on her outlook on life. And to go through her life and come out strong and courageous on the other side is remarkable.
  2. The system fails, and the system beyond failed Jaycee Dugard! This is the saddest part of her story. Law enforcement was at the house over 60 times and never looked for her. This makes me sick. How can so many people fail? (OK fine that was judgemental, but I'm not sorry)
  3. Hope and faith keeps the spirit going. Jaycee talked about how her hope for seeing her mother again kept her going. And Jaycee's mom never allowed herself to loose faith over seeing her daughter again. I'm sure her faith wavered, but it never went away.
  4. And on #3's back-a mother's love is so powerful and irreplaceable.
If you didn't see the interview, I hope you can catch it online. You can also hear her side of the whole story in her book. I haven't read it, but I am planning to.

I also took from Jaycee's story that I need to do a better job teaching Isabella about safety. We've taken a few steps like teaching her her phone number and address as well as our names. (Can't you just picture it, what's your mom's name? Mommy)  But we really need to step it up. I've told her to find someone with a name badge to help her if she gets lost or needs help. But we've never practiced it. I see a little lesson on our next trip to Albertsons. I know that this wouldn't have helped Jaycee, but it will help when Isabella gets lost one day. I say when because almost all kids get separated form their parents at one point or another.

Now go hug and kiss your kids, they may drive you crazy, but they are safe under your roof. And I feel safe speaking for all of you that we are all grateful for that huge blessing.


  1. So true how much we take for granted. We've been teaching our 3 year old all of the information just in case. I also don't know how her mother didn't end up killing the guy - it would be hard to have restraint. Following you from the Link Up Good Friends Hop and hoping you can return the love. You can find me at Yankee Texan Mom or Mama's Money Tree

  2. I'm so scared to let my kids out of my sight. As a kid I thought I was invincible and couldn't understand why my parents needed to know where I was. Now I have kids of my own and I never want them to leave the house without me.

    I missed this interview. I wanted to see it :( I will definitely be looking for the book.

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  4. "(Reuters) - Rescued kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard's book, "A Stolen Life," sold 175,000 copies in its first day of release, publisher Simon & Schuster said on Wednesday."

    Hopefully this will help her, she so deserves it!!

    Happy Stumble Through Thursday. Nice to have met up with you :)


  5. I posted about Jaycee too. I thought she seems very well composed, considering. That's a good lesson about children about safety. I can't wait to read Jacyee's memoir. I ordered it! It should be here today!

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