Jul 26, 2011

A Letter

Dear Teeth,
Why are you so mean? What did my kids ever do to you? We take such good care of you. I brush you twice a day and then I let the kids finish the job. This brushing routine will keep you healthy and strong. So how to you repay us for our loving care? You come in super painfully and slowly. That's just not nice! And why are you dragging things out? Poor Mark is 20 months old and he only has 5 teeth!

I would like you to know that I'm over having kids crying over a painful mouth. I vote that you finish the job and pop all those teeth at once. At least then the pain will be over.

Sick of the crabbiness,
M&Ms Mommy


  1. ooohhh.....poor thing! Darn teeth....come out already!!

    Come on now...this is crazy!


  2. I am so with you! Dawson is making me crazy. I know he's not supposed to have his pacifier during the day anymore (speech therapist says), but I'm in survival mode. The only time he's not screaming and slobbering all over the place is when he has the dang paci.

  3. REALLY? Just 5 teeth still? Oh my gosh!

  4. Dear Allison,
    We know it may seem like we're being unnecessarily hard on you and the kids, but the longer we take to come in, the stronger and healthier we will be.

    Try to be patient with us a little longer! It will be worth the wait...we promise!

    Those Pearly Whites


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