Jul 12, 2011

No Kids Allowed-Resturant Bans Kids Under 6

Mom confession-If your kids are running around the restaurant I am judging you for allowing that behavior to be OK. If your kids are loud and crying, I totally understand as I've been there and there is no judgement coming from me. Until it's clear that said kid just needs to go outside and calm down and then return to the table.

So what is this confession all about and why on Earth is it coming 3 days early? I read a story about a restaurant outside of Pittsburgh that is banning kids under the age of 6. He claims that children under 6 cannot control their volume. And that his other patrons have complained so much that he really has no other choice. Well sorry dude, I'm not buying it. I think you just don't want kids in your restaurant. Here's a little more on the story if you missed it. Article

I am so outraged by the actions of the owner of this restaurant. (I refuse to promote the name) I wonder if he would say no one older that 70 is allowed to eat there? You know since they talk so loud because they can't hear. And other people are complaining, not him of course, the other people. I mean what else is he to do? Oh wait, that is against the law. You're only allowed to discriminate against the young in this country.

Look if you don't want kids in your restaurant here are some tips that will keep them out.
  • Don't have a kids menu
  • No crayons or activities while you wait for food
  • No high chairs
  • No booster seats
  • Maybe some naked ladies walking around
  • Or if you'd prefer, naked men
OK so the last two were sarcastic, but you get the point. Brett and I were on vacation and we went to a restaurant that didn't have high chairs. We realized that this was not a great restaurant choice for us, and we went somewhere else. My feelings weren't hurt, I wasn't mad, I just figured that this was probably a super quiet restaurant that we probably shouldn't eat at with a 3 month old baby. But if that restaurant had kicked me out, oh Lord have mercy, heads would have rolled!

Part of me thinks this is the most brilliant marketing stunt in history. He has the whole country talking about his restaurant. And the other part thinks that he is a jerk and his restaurant should be boycotted by anyone that is offended by this. Call me a cynic, but I'm leaning with the latter.

If I lived there, I would gather up all the kids I know ages 6-8 feed them coffee and sugar and set them loose in his restaurant. (I'm laughing picturing it!)


  1. That is totally against some kinda discrimination law....isn't it?? WOW!

    I have to say that kids running wild...unacceptable and I am the first mom to leave if Ave & Bryce are having a "bad" night...I don't want to hear them so, I assume that no one wants to hear them. Doesn't stop us from going out and "trying"! I'd be furious if I was ever "denied" entry because of them...FURIOUS!

    WOW... W-O-W!

  2. Sorry, one more "point"...why oh why is "6" the magic cut-off?? I know a lot of loud, out of control 6 year olds....geeessshhh!!

  3. I read this article earlier, too. Ditto everything you said--esp. the part about giving them coffee and sugar...hahaha!

    I would add that if he doesn't want my business when I have kids under 6, then he obviously doesn't want my business when the kids are older, out of diapers, and I have more disposable income to spend at his restaurant. I'll take my business (kids or no kids) elsewhere.

  4. I heard about this too and I completely agree. Lmao @ your last sentence! I'd help you round 'em all up!

  5. Ok...so when a child turns 6 they are automatically able to control themselves but not before?!? I have a 4 year old nephew who hardly ever raises his voice or throws fits. His 6 year old brother....fits of screaming, yelling, etc. And don't even get me started with my teenaged neices and their 10 year old brother.

    And what about those people, often teens or twenties, who are loud, love to laugh and cause scenes and attract attention to themselves? Guess maybe that guy should just not let people in his restaurant, only have a drive-thru or carry-out. IDIOT! Btw, I love your idea of taking 6-8 year olds, give them lots of sugary drinks, cake, candy etc and then just sit back and watch the fun. Oh, maybe they should take some teens too. Lol

  6. I agree following all of those would likely keep us out of the restaurant. The only way we *might* consider a restaurant that failed in all of those areas is if they had outdoor seating.


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