Jul 20, 2011

Our First Trip to the Drive In w/ 3 Kids

Last night we headed out to the drive in movies for the first time with all three kids. We took Isabella as a baby since she would sleep in her carseat as soon as the movie started and we could watch the movie in peace. We were never brave enough to try that with two babies and a 2 year old. But we thought we would try out taking two 1 year olds and a 3 year old.

Now if you've never been to the drive in, I can tell you that the greatest feature is the price. A ticket is $6.50 and you get two movies for that price. On Tuesday's it's only $4.50, which is why we went last night. Kids under 5 are free, and kids 5-12 are $1. What a deal right? My family of 5 saw a movie for $9. And you can bring in your own snacks and drinks so there is no need to drop a fortune at the concession stand. The worst feature is that the first movie doesn't start until 8:45. (Did I mention my kids are in bed no later than 7:30?)

So we blew up the areo bed and threw it into the back of Brett's truck. Then we popped two bowls of popcorn, gathered up the candy, crackers, and chips and headed out. (I know that snacks are the key to success when you need to keep three kids happy)

After we got there we headed to the playground. I love that they fixed it so we have something to entertain the kids with before the movie starts.

This set kept them happy for about 35 minutes.

We headed back to the car and that's when they realized that you can jump on the aero bed. Another good time was had by all.

Once the movie started, we broke out the snacks. We went to see Cars 2 and all I can say is if you don't like the sound of Larry the Cable Guy's voice, this is not a movie for you. (It drives me nuts in case you were wondering) Now the movie didn't go bad, but it didn't go well. My kids could have cared less about the movie. They pretty much just ate snacks for 2 1/2 hours and occasionally looked at the screen. And I was really surprised that the twins never fell asleep. So when we left at 11:45 (yikes) they were all still awake.

Don't you love how white trash we are? We brought the popcorn in a trash bag!

Why eat popcorn when you can feed Daddy?

Mark spent 2/3 of the movie laying on Daddy and eating popcorn. Insert ahhh here.

We had a great time in spite of out little wiggle worms that didn't watch the movie. We're going to try it again once the time changes and the movie starts earlier. Hopefully there will be a movie that the kids are more interested in then. 


  1. gosh, cant remember the last time I went to one of those! And love the trashbag popcorn -- way to go. visiting you from the hop!.

  2. What a great "Family Night Out'!!! We don't have a drive-in here and that was one of my fondest memories as a child! :(

    Thanks for "bringing" me back!!


  3. What a great idea! I need to see if there's a drive-in near us now. At least your kids weren't jumping out of the truck. When we took my daughter to see Cars 2, she watched about half of it and then was off to explore the rest of the theater. We ended up having to take her out of the theater. She's just not ready for a full movie in a theater yet - at least not a packed one.

  4. This looks so fun! We have a drive-in right down the road but we have never been . We'll have to check it out!
    I'm here from the blog hop and can't wait to follow along!

  5. Probably still better than going to a movie theatre! Like you said it would have cost you a fortune! Sounds like fun the drive-in!

  6. Im your newest follower.

    I want to take my twins to a drive in but I dont think they will sit still :( One day I guess


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