Jul 25, 2011

Our Trip to Duck Creek

This weekend we went to Duck Creek to stay with my cousins at their cabin. There were no plans for the weekend just relaxing and fun. Doesn't that just sound fun?

We planned to head out on Friday at 3:30 and pulled out of town at 4 and I called that one a win since we had a last minute trip to Albertson's for dog food and beer. We stopped in St. George for some dinner along the way. Of course we were stared at because heaven forbid people not glance and then look away. Please treat my family like boobs, you can glance but staring is rude. Seriously, we are not a freak show and if we should blend in anywhere, it's in Utah!

We pulled into their driveway around 8, meaning our trip took about 30 minutes longer than normal and it was past the kiddos bedtimes. We said hi, unloaded, set up 3 pack n plays and put the kids down. Just in time for a glass of wine to unwind with!

Mark decided to wake up super early the next morning and his mommy was not impressed. When everyone was up we went fishing. This was the first experience fishing for Isabella and she was not a fan. She decided to throw rocks at the water instead. Needless to say, no fish were caught. It's kinda hard with swimming dogs and a rock throwing 3 year old. But we still had fun and it was so beautiful that we really didn't care.

Molly got an escort to the lake.


If you were here, would you care about not catching fish?

We headed back for lunch and then put the babies down. Brett and I took advantage of having a babysitter (as we always do) and took a quad ride. We were laughing that you have to love a town that has more ATVs on the road than cars. When we got back we hung out and had a few beers and sat outside. It's 25 degrees cooler there so we didn't want to be inside much. The kids had a great time getting dirty and playing.

On Sunday we hung out outside and around the house. Most of our group went for a quad ride while Barb and I stayed behind with the kids. We took the kiddos on a little nature walk and Molly freaked out every time something got into her shoe. She was wearing sandals so it was a little dramatic. After everyone got back we ate lunch and then loaded up and headed home.

You know your kids are having a good time when they look like this!

It was the most relaxing weekend we've had in a long time! I love when nothing is planned and everyone just goes with the flow. Plus we BBQed our dinner and lunch and everything tastes better over charcoal and outside in the woods!

Hmmm, whatca got there Daddy?

I am sad to be back in 105 degree weather. You know I was really relaxed and having a good time because I forgot to take pictures most of the weekend.


  1. Hi, am a new follower from Making Friends Monday blog hop :) I'm in awe of how you manage three kids all under 3 yrs of age! Wow you've certainly put this mama to shame... I have a 6.5 yr-old daughter and think she's a handful1 LOL

    Hope you'll drop by my blog at http://dosweatthesmallstuffblog.blogspot.com/ and like it enough to follow back!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend....breath taking images!! I miss the "water"...not much around here!

    have a terrific week!


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