Jul 9, 2011

Phase of Life

My cousin is getting married in the Fall and yesterday I got the invite to her Bridal Shower. And it hit me that there was a time in my life when going to Bridal Showers was a monthly event. I haven't been to a Bridal Shower in 3 years and I haven't been invited to one in almost two years. However, I have been invited to many baby showers and now that is becoming a very regular occurrence in my life. Isn't it funny that as the bridal showers slowed, the baby showers stepped it up?

Here I am at my baby shower for the twins. Do you notice anything funny?
Like that I'm not pregnant since I had the babies 10 days before my shower.

But I miss the wedding phase of life. And this is the last wedding that I can see in my future for a long time. Do you love weddings? I love weddings! They are (usually) so much fun. The family is so happy and the bride and groom are so in love and a little disgusting. Have you watched a bride? She's floating on love. Plus Brett only dances at weddings so I take full advantage of the situation. (I'll mention open bar here)

So this got Brett and I talking about our favorite weddings and our least favorite weddings that we have attended. We agree hands down on the worst wedding we have attended together and I'm withholding the names to protect their innocence. But we don't agree on the best wedding. My favorite is his #2 and his favorite is my #2. I guess good taste really can't be taught.

It's weird to me that the wedding phase of life came and went so quickly. But I look around and almost everyone I know is married so I shouldn't be surprised. I feel like that phase of our life is passed and we will won't come back to it until our kids are grown. My in laws go to weddings all the time so I have a feeling we'll go through the phase again too. But then again, it may happen faster than that since there are quite a few divorces from the wedding phase of our life.

So are you moving into a new phase of life?


  1. Going through phases of life are like moon phases (hence my handle at almost 40). I've entered the empty nest phase, and in a few more years, I'll likely be seeing the in-law grandchildren phase.

    I must admit, I don't really do social gatherings unless I feel obligated in some way because of my social anxiety disorder, but I have seen a few good ones and one that was just a nightmare.

  2. I'm really excited that we're moving into the "activity" phase (at least with the twins) - you know, where they can actually do lots of fun things like take dance and swim classes, make art projects somewhat independently, and join organized sports. :)

  3. My children are teens and I'll be looking at an empty nest before long (before I'm ready). I'm a little excited at the thought of more time for me.

  4. Hey Allison, I'm a new follower from the Sunday Blog Hop. I can relate to the baby shower invites. It seems I had about seven friends who were all pregnant and due about the same time over the last several months. LOL Something was definitely in that water!

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  6. i too have lamented the lack of weddings and also the fact that i will be the next generation up at the next phase! eeek! but then i seem to have hit the divorce phase so i may well be about to enter the second bloom of wedding season! xxx

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