Jul 30, 2011

Stop the Madness and the Sexulation of Girls Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a post about how we (parents) are allowing our children to be sexualtized at a very young age. You can read that post here. Some of the things that parents allow their children to do amazes me, and not in a good way.

Yesterday I was watching The View and they were talking about a studio in the UK that is offering pole dancing classes. Not a big deal, they are offered all over the country here. Oh wait, except there is one catch, some of the girls are seven years old!

The instructor of Little Spinners says that the class isn't sexual and that it teaches self esteem and helps the kids stay fit. I'll let you be the judge, do you think these pictures are sexual? (And keep in mind that mom had to give permission for them to be on the internet.)

Floor show: Many pupils want to copy their mothers at the pole dancing classes for children which cost £5

Disturbing: A youngster slides to the floor in a provocative pose during a 'Little Spinners' pole dancing class

Nothing sexual? Based of these pictures, I'm going to agree to disagree with the instructor and parents.

WTF????? Why are there so many parents that are hell bent on not allowing their child to be a child? I don't get it! These are little innocent girls, and I'm sure they don't get that pole dancing classes are sexual in nature, yet. But one day they will and congratulations on the wonderful message you're sending to your child. The parents are defending themselves saying that the class is just gymnastics and that their kids are not giving lap dances. Well if it's for fitness, why not just enroll them in gymnastics?

I'm sorry but this is just part of a trend of parents allowing their child to grow up too fast. When is it going to stop? What has to happen for us to say enough is enough? I hear parents outraged over how early kids become sexually active these days. But they don't realize that media images and letting kids grow up too fast is a huge part of that problem.

I feel like it is my responsibility as a parent to protect my children and keep them innocent for as long as possible. And no one else's responsibility! (Well except Brett's) And I don't feel like things should be banned just because I don't agree with them. Because really at the end of the day, it's the parents right to decide what they want for their children. And I feel like parents have lost enough rights already.

Look, if you're an adult and you want to take a pole dancing class, great. Go right ahead. But I think Chris Rock said it best when he said that his job as a Dad was to keep his daughter off the pole!Parents, please do yourself a favor and allow your child to be young and innocent as long as possible! 


  1. While I agree that something shouldn't be disallowed just because I disagree with it, this is pedophilia. Anyone who enrolls their child in this type of class is not fit to be a parent.

    Stepping off the soapbox now...

  2. Stumbled this post from the Stop and Stumble Saturday hop on This Lil Piglet.

  3. Very wrong to allow children into those types of classes :(

  4. I often wonder the exact same thing and am very happy I have boys. Even clothing manufacturers tend to have little girls clothing look more like clothes for those 16+.

  5. I agree, it is a 'trend' thing... I remember when little girls were enrolled in 'Girl Guides' to teach them responsibility and morality and enrolled in soccer (or gymnastics to if they needed to be more girly) to keep fit...
    I think you would be interested in a book called
    Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein ... not so much about kids growing up too fast, but rather how damaging the 'princess' stereotype is to children.

  6. Someone mentioned this stripper pole for kids yesterday on twitter. I was shocked. I still am sickened that parents are so "liberal" with their children's welfare. Fitness? Well, let's see, you burn so many calories through sex, even more with foreplay. Maybe they should just traffic out their daughters, at least they'd get paid for it. (no. I'm not advocating child prostitution I was being facetious.)

    I'm not surprised that it was seen on The View though. To me that program is rag mag for television. Cannot stand it. (that's a whole other rant)

    As for the damaging the 'princess' stereotype is to children. I'm not sure how Cinderella has anything to do with strippers. Unless that was her escape from her Princessly duties. I call my daughter a princess all the time, but I don't let her go out looking like no hoochie either. When she's outside she looks like a little girl. If she wants to play with my high heels in the house that's fine. I think she's beautiful. and I want her to grow up thinking being fully dressed is beautiful too. So she's my princess.

    sorry for the rant. Good post :D

  7. I wanted to puke when I looked at these pictures. These kids need new parents.

    Kristin :)

  8. You know what...I am speechless! I have been thinking about posting something on my thoughts about my childhood vs. most children's childhood "now-a-days" and how I played with Barbies until I was 12 years old and how kids are now having sex at that age....this post has sent me over the edge...I will be standing tall on my soapbox very soon...would love to link back to you if that's ok???

    Breath Ginger....B-R-E-A-T-H!!

  9. I am so with you on this. I remember having a meltdown on the mgr. at a target about 4 years ago while buying a bra for my daughter. WHAT parents are buying padded push up bras with lace for thier "almost b cup" 11 year olds????????? The pole dancing for little girls is so wrong on so many levels it makes me ill. And it scares me. And delights a certain kind of person...called a predatory pedophile.

  10. I couldn't agree with you more! I saw a report on these classes a few months ago and felt dirty just watching it! Part of that may be the view that we've been given of pole dancing, but these pictures show poses I would be mortified to see my daughter in!


  11. Don't allow children for this class


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