Jul 28, 2011

Where Did My Baby Go?

My 1 week old

I would like to start this post by saying that I am not a huge fan of the baby phase. I like my sleep and I enjoy being able to interact more with my kids. And I love that I have a least one kid that can wipe her own butt.

That being said, where did my baby go? Yesterday I posted pictures of Isabella from her first year of life. it seems like yesterday, even though I've added two more kids to the mix. This week we signed Isabella up for T-Ball and pre-school. It doesn't seem like she should be old enough for those things yet!

I can't wait for her to play T-Ball and what a huge break it will be for her to be in school two mornings a week! I never thought it would be a break to have one less kid, until I had one less kid one day. It's sooooo much easier. (Sorry if that offends you but it's true) I've already signed the twins up for an art class now that I will have one less kid in tow.

We have a month until school starts and T-Ball will start pretty quickly after that. So I plan on enjoying the time we have left in the summer without a schedule.

My giant 3 year old


  1. Agree... I am not a fan of the first 8 months, at 8 months I remember thinking now this is starting to get fun!


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