Jul 18, 2011

Where's My Rope??

On Thursday, I was at the end of my rope. Today, I cannot even see my rope. Where the heck is it? I don't know, because my kids stole it from me.

I have two teething one year olds. Now I get that they are in pain and it makes me hurt for them, but do you have to throw tantrum after tantrum? And is it really necessary to kick your brother in the head when he tries to climb on mommy's lap? And Isabella, is it really necessary to break every rule before 10am?

For those of you who don't know how insanely type A I am, I have a schedule for my household chores. Monday is laundry and floor cleaning day. My kids managed to get into everything in the time it took me to get the laundry into the machines or put it away. Normally they follow me around and "help" and everything is fine. Today they got into the follow
  • blinds
  • trash
  • pantry 3 times
  • ice cream
  • the dryer (yep pulled the clean clothes out while I changed a diaper)
  • coasters
  • shoes
  • napkins (picture 20 napkins in pieces all over my floor and the rest all over the floor)
I never left the room for more than 5 minutes! What's so aggravating is that one of them knows better! And she was the one starting the mischief! This is why 3 is so much worse than 2. I swear Isabella has decided that a timeout is totally worth getting prunes out of the pantry and eating them under the kitchen table. At 2 you say, "well she's learning" and your blood doesn't boil.

But at 3 when I say "No, do not eat that prune! Put it back and give me the bag." And the little stinker smiles and eats it anyway, my blood boils! (It's the smile that ups the blood boiling) It was everything in me not to throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum of my very own. Instead I put her in timeout and read Mark a book. Later when she told me no after I asked her to clean up her toys, I decided that it was time for an early nap. She cried about taking an early nap, but it was in her best interest.

So I've decided to go on strike again. (You can read about my first strike here.) The last time I went on strike it worked out very well for me. Brett knew how frustrating my day was and he helped distract the kiddos. Plus the mindset of being on strike improved my mood, which is 90% of the battle. Tomorrow will be a new day, right?

This video cracked me up, hope you'll like it too!


  1. I hate the devilish grins when they know they're doing something bad and by grinning you know that they know they're doing something bad. We usually lock the pantry unless we're in the kitchen doing and going in and out, well Sunday morning my daughter decided to take a bottle of juice (big) out of there and balance it on the arm of a chair (unbeknownst to me - I was making her donuts). A short time later I hear a splat and go into the living room to see and smell V8 fusion EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

  2. LOL! I've seen that video before - it's too funny! For you...I'm sure they still sell Calgon and you most definitely deserve that! ;)

  3. That video is hysterical! Dawson will sometimes stop in the middle of a tantrum just to check and see if anyone is paying attention to him. That's when I have to try really hard not to laugh.

  4. I can't imagine having another child to contend with, my two kiddos have me beat! Sometimes I can't believe the naughtiness of them, they have just learnt to say 'sorry' and they know it makes me all soppy to hear it, I'm such a soft touch!

  5. Big hugs and hope you find your rope soon! I've been struggling hanging onto my own, twins going back to school today helped xox

  6. I have NEVER seen that video before but I was seriously laughing out loud...a REAL belly laugh!!

    I was feeling a little guilty because it sounds like you have 3 of these on your hands...which is no LOL moment.

    I am sure your rope will be back and stronger than ever tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for the LAUGH! I so needed that!


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