Jul 7, 2011

Why God Won't Go Away-Review

I just finished Why God Won't Go Away by Allister McGrath. It was a very interesting book. The author, a former Atheist writes about the new Atheist movement. Personally, I find books on faith written by people who have converted from being Atheists to Christians very interesting. I think they give a much different perspective and have a different view than life long believers.

The book doesn't attack the movement like I kinda expected it to. Instead, he points out the flaws in the New Atheism's philosophy/beliefs/ideas as he sees it.  McGrath is not writing this book to in an effort to disprove Atheism. Instead, he gives the reader rebuttals to the ideas of New Atheism.

McGrath explores three themes of New Atheism in the book; violence, reason, and science. I like that McGrath doesn't think that religion and science are at war with each other. As for the theme of violence, I didn't know that many well known New Atheism leaders point to 9/11 as proof to how dangerous religion is. And that these leaders blame all the violence in this world on religion. (A naive opinion in my mind) Though that point makes me wonder how they explain WW1.

I enjoyed reading this book. I am the type of person that likes to explore other ideas and see other points of view. (How else do you know you're right?) I am a Christan, but I have studied other major religions in the past. After Jehovah's Witnesses started showing up on my door step, I researched their religion and we had a few nice little debates. They quit coming once they realized that I was not an easy convert. But I've never read anything about the Atheist point of view, and I found it really interesting.

I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in religious movements, even if you are not a Christian. There is useful information here if you're ever going to debate the God issue. The book is very short and an easy read, I finished it in two days!

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