Aug 2, 2011

I Think It's Going To Be A Great Day! (did you sing it?)

Yesterday was such a rough morning that I blogged about it to documented it for payback purposes later in life. I put all the kids down for an early nap and they all woke up like their normal selves. So the afternoon was much better and this morning was great too. Thank you for everyone who commented that they have been there too. It made me feel better even though deep down I know that every kid does this at some point. But when it's you, it feels like your kids are the only ones.

So I was thinking about my reaction when it's someone else who has a child that is trying to win an Oscar for most dramatic visit to a store. I normally smile at the mom in sympathy. If I'm close enough, I tell her something along the lines of "kids really suck sometimes huh?" Or I'll ask the kid "why are you giving your mom such a hard time?" And then I usually say something about being there many times myself.

I'm pretty sure these comments would have annoyed me yesterday since I was in such a bad mood. I just wanted to get out of that store as quickly as possible. Later I would have seen them for what they were, but it the moment I think I would be annoyed. Lightbulb moment, I'm probably annoying other moms. Maybe I need to stop????

So what do you think? Do you want someone to reassure you that they've been there too? Or would you prefer that everyone pretend you don't exist?

Brett brought me flowers to make up for my bad day.


  1. I always appreciate the kind comments letting me know that I'm not the only one. Then at least I know the person is not thinking, "My god, why can't she control her children?"

    That was so nice of Brett to get you flowers! Maybe I'll show this post to Shaun...

  2. Hmmmm....that's a tuff one to answer! I think I would prefer no one say anything only because I get so worked up when the kids are cranky in a store...I leave before anyone has the chance to say anything...LOL!

    Flowers sometimes make everything just a little better...glad your day was filled with more smiles than frowns!


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