Aug 29, 2011

Should Congress Get a Raise?

I read this article today and it has me all kinds of fired up. Read it first for yourself here.

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Should Congress get a raise since they earn a measly salary of $174,000? Um hell no!

First-you suck at your job. And I'm talking to both parties, not just my own. If a private sector employee played the blame games like Congress and didn't get work done, they would be fired, not rewarded. (Seriously, how many times do they not vote or use the excuse that they didn't read the bill?)

Second-The economy. I feel like that is enough said but I'll elaborate a little. 9.1% national unemployment, the national debt, 40.8 million on food stamps, etc. Get people back to work so they are not hurting so much and maybe we'll talk.

Third-I take it back, you really suck at your job. Don't get me wrong, you're great at making speeches and conning convincing people to give you money to run for office. It's the actual running the country part that you suck at.

Fourth-The average income in the US is $43,362 and some of you are crying that you can't live off your salary????? Wise up!

Look you spent millions of other people's dollars to get the job you have. You campaigned and put your families through the ringer just so you could get to Congress. And now that you're there, you want a raise for a job poorly done?

Hell no!

Quit crying and do your job! You knew the salary when you took the job and if it's not enough, don't run for reelection! It's really that simple!


  1. Allison, I agree with you 100%!!! heres my rant-
    Should Congress get a raise? Seriously? That guy who stood up in front of a bunch of seniors and talked about how $174,000 is not enough to live on ( that guy has a large set of...) probably voted no raise for Social Security this year, again!! SS has not had a COLA increase  in 3 years cause Congress says the cost of living in America has not risen! And whining that he cant work at the family business! Really? He's making almost double than when working for his family (and I would bet he's still getting paid something, cuz he is 'family'). SO TO ALL THOSE CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN- we did not just vote you in, YOU asked us to; so stop whining and start doing the job you asked us to let you do! 
    Oh I could go in for days!! I am retired on disability and get a very small SS ck every month! My hubby works 6 days a week; he works sundays for the overtime so we can make the mortgage payments every month! We dont eat out often, maybe ince a month, I clip coupons,  We drive older model cars, we dont take vacations (my family has never been on vacation, honest), We lost half of the money in  hubby's 401k and our house depreciated $70,000, so we owe more than its worth! And, yes Congress Is making about 3.4x more than my hubby and I.  So should Congress get a raise? HELL NO!!

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  3. I so agree with you on this one...I cannot believe any idiot would state such...especially with a 14 trillion national debt...everything on the rise, infrastructure's failing...unbelievable the audacity of some people...geesh me Christmas!!

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