Aug 7, 2011

What I Love About Me-Blog Hop

What I Love About Me - Blog Hop, Week 10
"The wise know the value of friendship, and that it is wisdom to be a friend to oneself too." -A.C. Grayling

Welcome to Week 10 of "What I Love About Me!" hosted by Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun and Twingle Mommy!

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Now this may seem like cheating to some of you, but since this hop is about seeing yourself as others see you, I thought I would interview my husband about what he loves about me. (BTW-it's a huge joke in our house to say but that way. Maybe one day I'll explain it to you in full detail. )

So I thought I would ask him about how our love has changed in the last 9 (wow) years. There are 10 phases in our life that I hit on. And yes he knew this was going on my blog and yes he was less than impressed with being interviewed.

Q1. The night we met, what attracted you to me?
A-While laughing he said "your boobs." Gotta love his honesty! And it was no surprise, he's told me that before.

Q2. While we were dating, what did you love about me?
A-Your intelligence and your kick butt take no s#*t attitude.

Q3. While we were engaged, what did you love about me?
A- How excited you were to marry me. You were more into it than I thought.

Q4. While we were newlyweds, what did you love about me?
A- Everything, does that make sense? (Duh we were newlyweds, of course it does!)

Q5. While we were going through infertility, what did you love about me?
A- How well you handled everything. I drew my strength from you. And I got my energy from you.

Q6. When we had Isabella, what did you love about me?
A- I was very proud of you. It was a moving experience and I saw a side of you that I didn't know existed. (He took the question as during labor BTW)

Q7. While we were going through infertility again, what did you love about me?
A-Same answer as the first time around times 5. I was in awe of you at how you handled it. You had to take Isabella to the doctor before 7am every other morning for 3 weeks and you just did it. No complaints it just had to get done. Plus you took the shots better the second time around. Translation-I was able to handle the hormones better the second time around.

Q8. After M&M were born, what did you love about me?
I loved how much this family meant to you. Your entire day was dedicated to spending time with the babies at the hospital and time with Isabella at home. I still can't believe the crazy schedule you kept for 6 weeks! (Agreed)

Q9. After Mark was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, what did you love about me?
A-Oddly enough, it was your reaction after the shock wore off. (wait the shock has worn off???) You went into full planning mode. You took him to doctors (ssssss) and got second (or maybe third) opinions and made a plan. Every month had a goal and you worked towards it. Your attitude was, how can we change our life to meet his needs. It was a side of you that I knew and loved.

Q10. What do you love about me today?
A- I love that you still get giddy when I call you my beautiful young bride. I love that you love me even after all the crap I've put you through with losing the business. And I love how important it is to you that we have a God centered marriage. And that we are still Brett and Allison-only more tired.

My Thoughts? I love that he started with my boobs and ended with a God centered marriage. Thanks for allowing me readers to see me through your loving eyes!


  1. What a thoughtful husband! Now I'm tempted to do this next week...but I'm a slight bit afraid of the answers I'd get. lol

  2. Allison, this was great. I really got to know you just a bit more through that interview.


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