Aug 17, 2011

Wordless and Way Back When-esday Twin Edition

One of the problems with having twins is that you have very few pictures of them alone.

This is my favorite NICU picture!

A little kangaroo action!

I soooooooo don't miss bottles!

Mmmm Mark your nose is so good!

They loved to nap like this. I hated having to watch their every breath!


  1. Ohhhh so cute! My boys must be the exception, we seem to have loads of them on their own and not as many together, probably cause they are always running in different directions!

    I think all twins do that little kiss on the nose, we have video of Ahren kissing Ethans nose when they were 2 days old, so sweet!

  2. Aww... JJ likes to nap on his tummy too.

  3. They're so sweet! It'd be hard to keep up with two babies - let alone take separate pics. They're a pair!

  4. Aww ...Adorable! New follower from Just cuz hop. :0) Have a great day!

  5. Oh, those pictures are precious!! My twins loved sleeping that way too! I know what you mean about having to watch their every breath!


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