Sep 27, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Brett and Isabella went on their first Daddy/Daughter Date Night last Saturday. They went to the Planetarium since Saturday was free museum admission day. As luck would have it, Isabella went to the Planetarium last Tuesday on a field trip with her preschool so she was a little better prepared for the event.

Here are my little cuties before they left for their date.

I thought I'd interview Brett about their night so we could document it.

Q1-So how did it go?
Brett-It was so much fun! Isabella didn't stop talking the whole time we were gone.

Q2-What did she talk about?
Brett-She counted the lights, she told me that we had to run from the dark clouds, and that we needed to run through the water, she wanted to look at stars since we just watched a movie on stars.

Q3-What was your favorite part of the night?
Brett-After we left we took a little walk around the campus. We were splashing in the rain puddles and running for cover. I also liked that she cuddled on my lap during the movie since she doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat down.

Q4-What do you want to remember?
Brett-She was so cute sitting in the Planetarium. She didn't fit in the chair and she got stuck once when it closed on her. We had such a good time running around playing outside and being goofy. It was fun just being with her and listening to her ability to talk non-stop.

One thing I love about blogging is that we have moments like these documented. I'm glad they had such a fun time together.

I just love this picture!


  1. that kiss picture is SO sweet!

  2. We haven't been to the planetarium yet. Where is it?

  3. so cute! i can't wait for the man to enjoy daddy/daughter dates with lulu!


  4. That is so awesome...I love that he had so much to document...a wonderful memory!


  5. Ahh ... too sweet! You know, date nights with her dad will become some of her best memories. It's such a special thing between a dad and a daughter. Your hubby is pretty special to devote the time to her ... and you're a special mom for encouraging it and documenting it!

    One word of advice (if I may) ... blogger has been known to delete blogs without notice so be sure to backup your blog ... you'll never want to lose these wonderful pictures & the document of their date.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Awwwww! So cute!!! I'll have to do something like this too!
    Pal usually takes Roo for a "treat" after daycare and they have their own little time together. I might have to write it all down next time!


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