Sep 24, 2011

Doughnuts in the Park

Our family has a few traditions that we look forward to every year. One of them is having a breakfast picnic in the park. Every Spring and Fall we have doughnuts in the park. We get the kiddos up and head over to Dunkin Doughnuts. Isabella likes to pick out her doughnuts, it was no surprise that she picked chocolate with sprinkles. Mark said he wanted chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! And Molly just cried to get put down and we chose for her.

When we got to the park we chose a spot in the shade far away from the ducks and rats in the sky pigeons. The kiddos were squealing in delight over their doughnuts.

Isabella actually smiled when I asked her to smile!

"Hmm do I like the chocolate doughnut better or the pumpkin doughnut?"

"When I eat doughnuts I save some icing on my leg for later." 

We had fun at the park. The kids played on the playground and in the water features for a while after we ate. And then we took a big walk around the whole park to try to run some of the sugar high out of them. Doughnuts in the park was a great way to start off our weekend.


  1. A fun way to spend some time over the weekend. Lovely pictures! I also love doughnuts!

  2. That is a cool tradition. And a yummy one! Cute pictures!

  3. Love your description of pigeons. We feel that way too! We used to live in an apartment tower on base in Japan and those "rats" were awful!

    Clearly, your older daughter looks older than your twins. But, do people ever NOT pay attention to their facial structure and think you have triplets?

  4. What a nice idea. We may just have to borrow that one. :)


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