Sep 30, 2011

Friday Confessional 9/30


I confess....
My kids like to climb the stairs at my mom's house. This makes her very nervous so we started blocking the stairs two visits ago.

I confess...
On the last visit, my son proved that he is way smarter than us.
First he climbed up the sofa. (I missed the moment since I had to run for my camera)

Then he scooted under the bar.

And victory was his!

I confess....
I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants.

I confess....
When asked "how are you doing" I almost always say fine.

I confess....
I wonder if people know that I mean I'm F.I.N.E.
Well I guess they do now.

I confess....
I love the company that Brett works for.
The joke hasn't gotten old yet.

I confess....
I'm willing to bet at least one person didn't get the joke.

I confess....
I just love taking the kids to open gym at Gymboree! I hate that they stop doing the cute thing they were doing the second my camera starts to record a video!

They were doing laps up the stairs and using their walking feet to go down the triangle.

I confess....
Isabella may look like her Daddy, but she is a mini me when it comes to everything else. This is a curse and a blessing.

I confess....
After the movie on Monday I took Isabella to the bathroom. Once she was done, she held on to the safety bar and flushed the toilet with her foot, just like Mommy does in public bathrooms. She's never done this before and it was a moment that told me, she is watching your every move!

So what are you confessing this week?


  1. Kids will find a way to give you a heart attack no matter what.

  2. Ha! That is too funny about the way she flushed! :)

  3. I didn't get the joke. :( But I'm slow!

  4. I love your definition of 'FINE'...that's how I feel most days lately!

    By the way, I always flush public toilets with my foot too...even in front of my daughter! Lol


  5. dang, i didn't get the joke. i hate that!!

    thanks for linking up!! sorry i am sooo slow getting here, life keeps getting in the way!

    OH, i also wanted to let you know that the My Happy List link party is moving to Tuesdays starting October 11, i would LOVE for you to play!


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