Sep 19, 2011

Meet the Newest Member of our Family

There is a new member to the Bonar family. I really thought that our family was big enough with three kids under four and a dog, but I guess sometimes other plans are in the play.


No sorry, we are not having another baby! (But it was fun for me to build it up that way) We are now the proud feeders owners of a stray cat. About a month ago, this tiny kitty showed up on our back wall. I didn't think much of it and the kids scared her off. She started coming by a little more and I noticed that she wasn't just tiny, she's starving.

So of course being the good samaritan that I am, I feed her some Cheerios (multi grain in case you were wondering) and water. Kitty would come around every three days or so and I would give her some Cheerios and water. We didn't see her for a week while it rained and since he/she is not ours, I really didn't think about it.
We keep her food on the wall since she's scared of us.

She showed up again on Saturday morning and I could see every bone in her tiny body. I gave her some milk and Cheerios and then I decided that we should probably buy some cat food for the poor thing. Brett thought he should feed her table scraps in the meantime, and in that moment she became ours. She didn't leave our yard or wall all weekend! The kids are so fascinated by her even though he/she won't let anyone near her. (Hence the he/she)

We told Isabella that she had to be quiet around the kitty since she was scared of us. She sat in her chair watching the cat all afternoon. She moved her chair as the cat moved. It was the cutest thing! I'm sure after a few more meal, she'll open up to us. She is already brave enough to jump down into the yard when we are back there.

Now the kids are lucky that I'm such a nice mommy since I am not a cat person! No really, I think kittens are cute but then they grow up to be cats who are worthless creatures. Brett agrees with me and he might be worse than me. So this kitty who the kids have named Smoky will live outside. I'm more than willing to feed the poor thing, but she's not going to make it inside!

Now seriously, how long do you think it will be before Isabella tries to sneak Smoky inside???


  1. I give it a week...a few more meals and best friends they will be! good luck mama - I'm no cta person either!


  2. Boo! Shame on you for teasing us like that! LOL!

    You are right. Kittens are cute. Cats are spoiled rotten divas. Even if you don't spoil them, they'll still act that way. LOL!

  3. I said that about one of my cats one time. My big, male cat had been hit by a car. I refused to get another cat. A few years later, a starved cat, so pitiful that she couldn't even "Meow" started coming around. I said, I will feed her but she stays outside. Another cat started bullying her, so I brought her onto the screened in back porch (she had a way to come and go, but the bigger cat could not come in). Soon, she was in the house, ruling it until she passed away.

  4. That is how our pets ususally join our family. They find us. =)

    That kitten looks like a Russian Blue. I LOVE them! We had one (a stray) and he turned out to be the best cat ever!

  5. You are terrible! What kind of tease is that? Good luck with Kitty!

  6. Too funny you had me fooled at first! :)
    Stopping over from the wednesday blog hop. I have my 1,000 fan celebration going on right now giveaways daily! from sept. 19th-30th!

  7. Congratulations! When are you due?

    ...just kidding. Because I know you hate people who do that. :) We have 4 cats and I used to not like them (my husband didn't like cats either!), so I bet in a few weeks, you'll have that kitten inside and you will love her. ;)


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