Sep 1, 2011

My First Day of Parent Participation

So for whatever reason I'm getting alot of crap for sending my daughter to a preschool that requires parent participation. I wish I could explain how much this annoys me. If you don't like it, don't send your kid there, but don't make me feel like I need to explain my decisions. Ugh!! BTW-Parental involvement is the number one indicator of academic achievement but whatever, continue to judge me.

Today was my first day to volunteer and I had a great time!!! The day flew by and I was sad to leave. Now I know how the kids feel. It was fun to see Isabella at school. She started her day painting and then moved over to play house. Next she went to the music playhouse and put on a drumming show. Then she found the mud pit. Oh the mud pit! Let's just say a great time was had by all the kiddos there. 
She's watering the dirt!

Gotta love kids!

There were "sharks" in the mud! Seriously, how great are kids imagination? 

After getting hosed off, she decided to paint again.
I love that she was checking out the other kids and painting at the same time.

After lunch the kiddos were splashing in the water!

I can't wait to go back! I wish I had a babysitter more often so I could go twice a month! I loved getting a peak into her world and I had fun with the other kiddos too! I realized today how much I miss teaching. I love being around kids, maybe one day I really will go back to the classroom! Or then again, maybe I'll just volunteer!


  1. So fun to read about your volunteering! Enjoy those kiddos - they grow up before you know it. I should know....our only child just left for college!

    I'm a new follower from the "Get Wired Wednesday" blog hop. I'd love for you to visit my site too -!

  2. I didn't even know they had preschools the required parent participation! I like that!! I think so many parents ship their kids off to preschool as early as possible so they'll have less work (less parenting responsibilities if you ask me). Kudos to you for doing what you feel is right for your family!


  3. I completely agree that parent participation is KEY in every child's academic success! I can't wait until Lulu and Bubba are old enough for preschool. There are a few co-op schools around us that I would love to send them I get to have a hand in their learning as well! So glad you found a place that works for you and your family!


  4. I LOVE that parent participation is mandatory in our Pre-K programs! It makes all the positive difference in the world! I can't believe anyone would think you being involved would be a bad thing - What planet are these people from?? You're a great mom!


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