Sep 25, 2011

Puke Ends the Weekend!

(To the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

All around the Bonar house
The kiddos moved and giggled
They had more treats than ever before
Puke ends the weekend
Puke ends the weekend
Puke ends the weekend
Now wash, wash, wash,
Brush, brush, brush,
And get those butts right into bed!

Man I crack myself up! I'm pretty proud of that song so no negative comments please.

We had a whirlwind weekend and we had tons of fun. We ate Doughnuts in the Park on Saturday morning. And then Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party. The kids had tons of fun and ate lots of candy and cake. Saturday night I stayed home with the twins while Brett and Isabella went on a date. (More on that tomorrow)

Today we dragged our butts out of bed way too early in the morning for me. Brett had to wake all of us up for church since we were all still in dream land at 8:15. I finally got out of bed at 8:40 and I'm happy to announce that we were all in the car at 9:15 on time for church. And yes, I showered/washed my hair/ and put on makeup. There are some benefits to years of 5am swim practice and sharing a bathroom my whole life.

This afternoon we had my twin club's Fall picnic. Can I just laugh at the word Fall for a second? It was 96 degrees out today and there was no breeze. It was very hot! Fall? No a little more like Summer! It was fun and the food was awesome! I made bacon wrapped jalapenos and they were perfect with the pulled pork and bbq chicken. My kids sat still for maybe 10 minutes the whole time we were there. They were even dancing around while they ate their cookies and ice cream! We stayed at the picnic for two and a half hours and we were very tired when we left.

Now have you ever heard the expression if you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plans? Well we planned on staying until 5:30, drive home, give the kids a bath, story time, family prayer time, bed by 6:45. Now that would be a great plan!

And here is what happened.............

Molly crapped out at 4:45. We pushed her through by giving her ice cream. She was happy as a clam after getting a little more sugar in her system. We pulled out of the parking lot at 5:20 since you can only keep Molly happy for so long once she's decided that she's done. And on the way home Mark did this.......

Of course he pukes! I wonder what made him sick??????? So we got home earlier than planned, threw them in the tub, read a super fast story, and put them in bed at 6:15. I was done after driving home with the wonderful smell of puke in the air. On the plus side, we had the car seats in the wash, showered, and ready for a cocktail by 6:45 so all was not lost. Now I'm going to finish my Captain and Diet Coke and head off to bed early tonight.

He looks like he's really sick huh?


  1. What a bummer! At least Mark doesn't seem to broken up about it...

  2. Captain and Diet kinda girl. There is nothing the "Captain" can't fix. Ok, not fix but make EASIER to fix...LOL!

    At least fun was had from by all, evident by the puke! I love th song by the way....VERY creative!


  3. love the jingle and your choice of cocktail! new follower from the Alexa Hop, have toolbar will travel :)

  4. Nasty! I hate puking in the car. So gross!

    Hope they feel better!


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