Sep 8, 2011

Things That Cracked Me Up Today

This morning I got the girls out of bed and I was really confused as to why Molly had a pair of panties on over her pjs. I didn't really think much of it until I saw Isabella get undressed and she didn't have any panties on. I asked her where her panties were thinking Daddy dressed her, maybe he forgot.

Isabella-I gave my panties to Molly
Me-Cracking up and putting it all together now (I'm a little slow in the morning)
Isabella-That's silly mommy
Me-Why did you give Molly your panties?
Isabella-She asked for them

Somehow I doubt that Molly asked for her panties since she doesn't talk. But then again, Isabella always seems to know exactly what Molly needs so maybe she did in her own way that Mommy doesn't understand. And I just love that Isabella out her pjs back on after giving Molly her panties.

I am a firm believer that kids need to get dirty and play hard. If you disagree with that statement, we'll just agree to disagree OK?

This is what Isabella looked like when she left for preschool this morning. I just love that she refuses to smile at the camera these days!

And this is what she looked like when she came home. I'm really impressed that her hair was really still in tact since she was soaked to the bone when I picked her up. I know she's having fun and that is totally worth changing her clothes once (and sometimes twice) a day.

When I asked her if she had fun at school she said "yeah until Jai poured water into my eye and then I was sad. It made my tummy hurt." Man I love that kid, and I probably shouldn't have laughed at her, but I'm just not that good at holding it in.


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog, and thought I'd say "hi". I'm a twin momma too, and enjoy reading and gaining experience from those who have older twins.

  2. soo cute sounds like a hilarious day!! lol mine is a neat freak and HATES being dirty.. such a silly boy.

  3. New follower from Blog Hop Thursday! Would love to have you follow my blog!

  4. I love it!! I would've laughed at those things too!

  5. Nice...I bet the girls have such fun together - panty trading and all!!


  6. LOL! That underwear thing is too funny! That little girl of yours looks all grown up...what a beautiful little lady!

    have a great weekend!


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